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Update by user Feb 03

I ended up going to another Dental Facility and had another upper plate made. They made it like it was suppose to be.

I open my mouth now and you can see my teeth. It cost me $1925.00.

Original review posted by user Jan 04

I went to the Aspen Dental Office on Blanding Blvd Jacksonville, FL. and had four implants and a plate made for my upper mouth.

The cost was over $12,000.00. I told them I wanted the plate made with teeth that I could see when I open my mouth. After the implants healed the plate was made. I looked at it and the teeth looked normal size and the dentist put the plate in my mouth and if fit perfectly.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM, when I went home and looked in the mirror I could not see my teeth. It took me awhile to figure out what was wrong. The cavity where my gums fit on the plate is about half a tooth down behind the teeth on the plate. In other words if your front teeth were removed and glued back onto your gums with only half the tooth below your gums, that is what I look like.

I was scheduled for eye surgery in both eyes and could not return to the dental office immediately.

When I was able to make an appointment to return and explain what was wrong they wanted to charge me over $1900.00 to make another set of teeth.

All though there were signs around the lobby saying if you are not satisfied with your dentures we will remake them.

Yegar L. Latham 904-584-4342

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2207.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Aspen Dental Cons: Do not provide what they premise.

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aspen dental sucks. worthless liars


I was referred to aspen by a co-worker who they performed a miracle on her. They should be investigated for insurance fraud.

compared to now, my teeth were perfect in appearance. They assured they could make them look "any way you want". At 52 this was the worse dental experience in my lifetime. the extractions were awful.

I used all the signals to get the dentist to stop but she continued. When I told her I felt everything, she said, "it IS a dentist office" and walked out. To make matters worse, they didn't call in my pain meds. The next day I was in excruciating pain so I called the emergency number.

The dentist said she couldn't come to the office because it was her day off. After a few unfavorable post, I got a call from some lady with an attitude asking "so, what is that you want, I mean what do you think should happen?" I want them fixed. I went back a few times and they did nothing because they believed my teeth were beautiful, so if they complimented me enough I'd leave them alone. I am not satisfied with their work at all.

I can't afford to go to a real dentist to see what should have been done. I'd love it if they had to pay off that card and for someone to fix their mess. None of my teeth are the same size. There are gaps between them; the left teeth seem to be going forward not straight down...I KNOW how my teeth should look.

I cannot grip spaghetti with my front teeth. I cannot see my top teeth when I speak because they gave me an overbite that they said everyone has by making my top teeth shorter and not touch the bottom teeth. I supposedly have the top of the line dentures but they literally sound like to big plastic toy blocks banging together.

I am so embarrassed. Right now, I don't smile much because I'm very self conscience.


to *** with aspen dental. CROOKS!


What "miracle" did Aspen perform on your coworker? Make all the money in her pocketbook vanish without a trace?


Yegar, Sounds like you had the infamous "mini-implants." We regular dentists call them "temporary implants" because they are famous for falling out in a short period of time. Be prepared for this eventuality.

Going to a joint like Aspen for implants and a denture is like going to a plumber to have cardiac bypass surgery. No way it is going to turn out well over the long term.


They should of stood by what is promised. I had bad experience too.

Not from them but other dentists. Give him his money back he give y’all a good review customer is always right- right.


All I can say is I hope the implants you had placed do not fall out. Aspen is famous for its cheap "mini-implants." They typically make it about 1 to 2 years before falling out. Two regular implants are better than four mini-implants any day of the week.


Certainly you must have had a try-in when the new denture teeth were set in wax. Normally patients are asked to approve the esthetics at this stage.

Did you? If you did, the error is yours, and you should pay for another denture if not satisfied. If there was no try-in asking you to approve the denture set-up, the error was the dentist's.

Can't understand why any thinking person would go to a sh!thole clinic like Aspen to have implants done. Count on them to fall out within a year.


Like I said above. When I was setting in the chair and looked at the teeth, the teeth looked normal size, the plate fit good.

When I went home and looked in the mirror I realized something was wrong. I could not see my teeth when I opened my mouth or smiled. They had signs in the lobby. if you are not satisfied with your dental plate they will make you another set or refund your money.

By the way those signs have since been removed. By the way if I had known it was a *** hole, do you think I would have gone there? I would like to ask you something. If you took your car and had the transmission worked on; and when you drove the car home it still had a problem.

Would you go and pay another shop to fix it? I don't think so.


If I thought the first shop would screw up my transmission more the second time around, I would not take it there. Sorry, but when you deal with criminals, once they have your money, they have no interest in making things rights.

They already have tons of lawsuits and complaints against them, and one more really will not make a difference. I feel for you and your plight, but really don't think you will ever get any satisfaction. Perhaps if you go to the trouble of setting up and anti-Aspen website, blog, or Facebook page, they will offer you a refund. That is the only way some Aspen patients have gotten compensation.

A principle in life is to patronize small, locally owned business where the owner has a vested stake in his reputation for customer service. A corporate chain like Aspen in no way fits this description.

@Dental Advocate

Thank you. You are probably right.

I am looking for another Dentist Office to make me a plate that will show my teeth. I hate it because I saved for a long time to get the $12,000.00 to have four implants and a plate made.


Wish you the best of luck. When I went to a different dental office to have a plate made that showed my teeth when I opened my mouth I was determined to have them make it write.

I had them remake the wax plate three times.

Finely it wash done like I wanted, and it snapped into my implants perfectly. It cost me an additional $1925.00.


Wait, I m an Aspen dental patient , I have my immediate denture right now, I didn't get a wax try in at all! I've already paid for my denture supposedly coming in 6 mo. I've read the reviews can I ask for my money back and go somewhere else for my real denture?


Dentists cannot do wax try-ins with immediate dentures. That is one big disadvantage of immediate dentures.

The other is the poor fit. Much better to do all the extractions, wait 3 months for healing, THEN start the impression, bite record, and try-in sequence.