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I went to Aspen Dental in Hamden CT and received an estimate (with insurance) of $4,700.I need a tooth extracted and until Dr Lee started to probe my gums, I had little pain.

The next day at 2AM,I woke up in excruciating pain and started to call for emergency service, which they advertise in the Yellow Pages. I have waited over five and 1/2 hours with no response. The answering service has called, left e-mails and yet no response. I recommend that anyone who is looking for a dentist, overlook Aspen Dental.

It is a nationwide corporation, with no compassion for it's patients. Watch Michael Moore's movie "In Love with Capitalism", and you will get I sense of how corporations do not care for the individual.

I am *** mad and will write to the American Dental Society, my Congress women,and any one else who will listen.Buyer beware!!!!

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I am writing a story about an Aspen dental patient.The focus being how someone can go to them with NO pain and No dental problems and suffer through the treatment provide at Aspen.

5-6 months of pain and dental procedures to try and correct the problems Aspen created.

Please contact me at newsismybus@aim.com.I will provide you with ID and links to stories I have written which were published by my local paper as well as the Chicago Trib and Sun Times.

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