Keep away from Aspen dental. I can't believe they are in business and no one stopd them.

They need a hidden camera news team to show what they are up to.

Find a real dentist - fast! They quoted me $4900.00 plus for some work I didn't need at all. I went to a regular dentist and everything Aspen had told me was a lie! They said I had gum disease, needed root canals, etc.

etc. There are no decent words to describe them. Now they sent me an offer for 25% off the $5000. worth of services which I didn't follow up with that they said I needed.

Haha. But it is no joke, so BEWARE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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Did you ask the 2nd dentist you saw to do a perio charting? that determines in a big way if you had gum disease/periodonics disease.

the charting is to check how deep is your gum pockets are at bottom of teeth. an 1, 2 or even 3 is ok but 4, 5 or 6 is bad. the problem is with private dentist offices is that they usually dont do perio charting & only do a qucki look at outside gum line for disease. last time i check gum/perio disease is mainly inside the gum not outside.

aspen dental may cost alot BUT it is trying to save your teeth in the long run. But hey if you want to loose your teeth & pay more for dentures, oral extractions & most likely perio grafting as well be my guest.


"gum disease" seems to be the buzz word which they tell everyone. I had the same EXACT experience two times and with second opinions, was told that they lied. "I'm not a dentist, I just play one at Aspen Dental"

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