My boy friend worked for Aspen dental as a dentist.He left because he was forced to do things that he was not supposed to

He hated every single minute of it .He says they blackmail their dentists to sell expensive treatments to patients

They are expected to sell $3000-$4000 worth of treatment to every patientthat walks into the door on average and mostly deep cleaning to as many patients as possible

If they don't do it , they would lose their job .

What a shame !! Nobody does anything about it and this comany is growing like crazy and invading the whole world

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Hey anonymous:

I am also a dentist and I don't need to SELL any $10,000 treatment plan to any of my patients, I don't have to sell anything to be succesful, I am in a small town in central PA and my succes comes from being honest(word of mouth) and from all the patients you people are trying to rob. You are the reason people hate the dentist. And NO not every doctor goes to school to make $$$$$$ lots of money.


While I was having my teeth cleaned...they stripped my body naked and proceeded to *** with me !!! I bet I've topped everyone's bad experiences !!! :cry :cry :cry


Hey anonymous let me guess.You must be one of their office sales person(probabably would have had lots of experience in selling used cars ) who thinks success is all about making money regardless of the quality of care you are providing .You exactly talked like how the aspen sales managers talk.

Nobody is perfect but when so many people here are complaining and on average a dentist leaves evry 6 months to 1 year from every office ,definitely there must be something wrong with the system .Tell me this how can a non dental sales people control and guide a doctors judgment . Thats speaks a lot about the Aspen's rotten system


Why do you think your boyfriend is so perfect? Maybe he just doesn't get it?

Doesn't any Doctor want to have a succesful practice?

That is why he went to school, right?

To make money?? Obviously Aspen is successful for a reason.

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