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United HealthCare has an “allowed amount” and my plan pays a portion of that allowed amount. Aspen Dental’s prices are SO MUCH higher than the allowed amounts, it feels like robbery.

I should have checked prices of other dentists first. For instance, they charge $102 for a cleaning, when the allowed amount by UHC is $68. My plan paid $18. For the fillings I supposedly had to have (I think the digital imagery x-rays they use to claim that you have cavities I feel are just a crock) the costs were $247 for two surfaces (allowed amount $117) and $301 for three surfaces (allowed amount $139).

Aspen Dental did not call the insurance company on my behalf. I had to do this for them.

I will never visit again. They are schemers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1235583

Today I had a grad student in my office after an A$pen exam. They said he needed 18 fillings.

I took a series of perfectly aimed x-rays. Guess how many cavities I found. NONE! It was all a scam to make money.

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but I will.

You have a worthless dental plan. Those "allowable" fees have nothing at all to do with fees charged in the real world. Nobody does 2-surface fillings for $117. Not since the 1970s, anyway.

The only dentists that sign up to work for such low fees are crooks like A$pen.

That is because they have no trouble committing billing fraud.

I don't know how much you pay for that junk United Health Care dental plan, but drop it and pay cash to a good dentist. Probably he will find you don't need the fillings anyway.

Whatever you do, NEVER go to a corporate clip joint dental clinic again.

to Seasoned Dentist Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1235780

Aspen was going to cut on 18 different teeth for no reason? I hope that grad student has a special message he will deliver back to those aspen scammers.

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