Had appointments at two different Aspen Dental locations; one in Auburn, NY & the other in Canandaigua, NY. At the Auburn location, I was new to Aspen Dental. My appointment was to have my teeth cleaned. The staff was extremely rude from the moment I walked in. When I finally saw the dentist, he insisted that he could not clean my teeth because they all needed to be removed! Extremely dissatisfied, I left & contacted a district manager. This took better than three hours to be directed to the right person. After connecting with this person, he arranged an appointment for me in the Canandaiqua NY office.

My first appointment in Canandaigua, while they were friendly, the dentist looked at my teeth, then left me alone. A woman came to me and & ushered me into an office where a nicely dressed younger man was waiting behind his desk with his hands clasped in front of him. I sat down, he opened a large book & began showing me samples of dentures. I asked him why & he said that he was told that I needed dentures. He began by explaining that I could have all of my teeth removed & leave with newly fitted dentures all in the same 1 day visit. I nicely told him 'no thank you' & he sat looking at me blankly. I asked him if that was all that he had to offer. After acknowledging that was his purpose, to arrange for & sell me a complete set of dentures, I said "then we're all done here". I left & contacted the district manager again.

I told the district manager that I thought as the patient, I had a right to decide what I wanted & that my initial reason for my visit was as he knew from our previous conversation that I simply wanted my existing teeth to just be cleaned. He arranged for me to meet with a different dentist that he would have sent to that location to meet me. The day of this appointment, I waited more than 2 hours in the office only to be told later that the dentist who was supposed to see me was not available & would not be available that day. So, a third appointment was set up.

During my third appointment, this dentist explained that they would need to get permission from the previous dentist I had seen JUST to clean my teeth since it had been written up that they could not clean them but rather they said that I needed dentures. I was told that it was more than a risk that my teeth might vibrate out of place & possibly fall out during a cleaning. None of this made any sense! THEY needed permission from a previous dentist JUST to CLEAN MY teeth? My teeth were going to fly out of my mouth (which is how one staff member put it) during the cleaning? I reminded them that these are MY teeth & I had a right as to how or what I wanted done with them. It was then that I was told that if cleaning my teeth could be approved, it would cost upwards of $1000 to clean them but since I had been through so much difficulty with Aspen Dental already, the district manager would see if he could get the price reduced for me. BIG WOW! $1000 just to clean my teeth & IF they could get permission? They're MY teeth, they had MY permission to clean them why did they need someone else's? During all of this, I developed an infection in one of my teeth, they would not prescribe antibiotics for. That tooth along with the others had to be removed!

I had to live with that infected tooth until I could find a REAL dentist who has provided far less expensive REAL care for my teeth. I had an appointment for a deep cleaning that cost about 15% of what Aspen Dental quoted me originally & I still retain MY original teeth! They didn't "fly out of my mouth" during the cleaning. And, I only needed to make one appointment with the REAL dentist I found outside of Aspen Dental & she KEPT her appointment with me!

Aspen Dental does not keep appointments, the staff is extremely rude and they are only interested in making money and dentures. They have no real concern for you or your dental health. Most everyone I have spoken to recently of my personal experience with Aspen Dental seems to have their own special horror story to tell about them when they foolishly chose Aspen Dental for dental care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Apparently you need dentures not *** and get them before i know your teeth out for free.


Thank goodness you were smart enough to go to an honest dentist in private practice.

But what motivated you to go to a corporate chain clinic to start with? You must know the dentists are mere employees under pressure to bill revenues, instead of having a long-term interest in patient care.


post a picture of your remaining teeth and lets see them bad boys....