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I am 71 years old and needed dental work done so Aspen Dental was opening a new office in Statesboro, GA and I awaited its opening with joy. However, my experience with them has been the worse thing I've ever been through in my 71 years.

When I first went in, the office Manager took me into her office and questioned me as to why I was there and how prepared was I to pay for the services. As a person of low financial means, I told her I was hoping they would have a payment plan so I could get my teeth fixed. She said yes there was; it wasn't an Insurance as per se; it was a dental plan. I asked her how I might get it and she guided me through the preliminaries of the "Dental First" company. She said it could be drawn out of my account each month and asked me how much I could afford. I told her an amount and then she asked for my checking account number, my routing number, my Driver's License, and a Credit Card. She went and made copies of all these documents and I signed paperwork to have a certain amount taken out of my account each month. Then I saw the Dentist. Her name was Dr. Chapel (don't know the first name). They made X-rays, did an exam and cleaned my teeth. Then she told me what she had to do to my teeth to get my problems straightened out. The first was to fill some cavities and to take some teeth out and make me a partial plate. Then she made an appointment with me for another Dental Surgeon to remove my teeth on another date.

On 12/05/2018, I went in to have those teeth removed and refused being put to sleep during the procedure which was fine. The Dental Surgeon was very good and I have no complaints about him.

On December 19, 2018, I went in to this Dr. Chapel to have bridge preparation for my front teeth and three teeth filled. She put in acrylic temporary bridge front plate. This was right before Christmas and I wanted to look good for pictures with my family and SMILE for once.

On December 20th, the tooth broke off. I went in and Dr. Chapel put the tooth back on in. She wasn't too happy either.

On December 21,2018, that tooth broke off again at home which eating supper evening. We were having a very light meal with no heavy biting involved. My daughter has been a Dental Tech for 20 years and I called her to come over to see if she could do something to help me. She looked at the the work Dr. Chapel had done and she was aghast at the horrible work Dr. Chapel had done. She told me to call the emergency number and try to get Dr. Chapel to help me on Saturday on the 22nd and said she would take me which she did.

On December 22, 2018, I called the emergency number and she told me to meet her in 45 minutes at the office. My daughter expected her to take at least 20 minutes to restore the teeth so she left me at the office with Dr. Chapel and her Technician while she went to a shop to pick up something for her child. All Dr. Chapel could say was what an imposition this was; that she was at lunch and had a couple of drinks before coming. Because I had my mouth opened with things in it so she could work, I couldn't say anything. She told me I should have put the tooth back on with the Dental glue you get at the Drug store. It took her all of 5 minutes to do this and said she had to get back to her lunch and do some Christmas shopping.

She left and I waited outside the building for 15-20 minutes for my daughter to come back after me. My daughter examined my tooth and was horrified at the pitiful work she had done. Aesthetically, it was less that satisfactory and I was unhappy with her demeanor and her work.

On December 26, 2018, the tooth broke off again. I went in and Dr. Chapel put the tooth on; however, this time my daughter waited for her to finish with me to exam my teeth before I left the office. Yes she put the tooth on again, but this time I went into the bathroom to see what she had done. I was upset with the quality of work that Aspen Dental would allow on a client. I went back to the receptionist and asked if there was another Dentist there on the premises and they told me Dr. Chapel was the only Dentist there at Statesboro. I looked directly at a picture on their wall and it was of three Dentist. The sign stated those Dentist operated there in the Statesboro office and they told me NO, there was only one Dentist present. I asked her to see Dr. Chapel then. By that time my daughter was back, examined my tooth and agreed it was horrible. Dr. Calhoun came out and she and I explained my concerns about how horrible it looked and that the lingual was impenging on my gums. Dr. Chapel took me back again and smoothed the temporary down making it more natural looking and took some of the hard white substance off (cement). She kept saying she was a "perfectionist" several times. However after seeing it, my daughter said the temp teeth were not separated; they were smoothed to look like one big wide tooth instead of two. Again my daughter asked if the Dental Tech had done a x-ray to look for cement in the teeth. My daughter said that should have been done as to find cement left on the bridge and teeth and that it needed to be done to prevent irritation to the gums. While in the office I asked Dr. Calhoun if she would like her Mom to go through what I had gone through with such lousy work. My daughter was very disappointed with the work Aspen Dental has sanctioned and the qualified Dentist that should have been there. I am left with a so-called permanent bridge with cement still impenging on my gums, teeth which have not been taken care of, one tooth that tears my tongue when I eat, and a $4200.00 bill. I question myself each day -- WHY--WHY??

In January, 2019, I went back to Aspen to get my permanent bridge put on. I was glad to have front teeth again; however, I didn't look at it until I got home. When I examined it, I wanted my daughter to look at it. When she arrived, she noted a hard white substance around my cervical linguals as before. She had a Scaler and began to chip away the cement around both alignments and pontic. She asked me if the Dental Tech had taken x-rays after the bridge was cemented on and I said NO.

In February, I called to make an appointment with the Office Manager. My daughter and I went in and spoke to her about the lousy quality of work Dr. Chapel had done on my teeth. At that time my bill was up to $4200.00 plus or minus. I also spoke to her about why my account had not been debited. She stated Aspen Dental does not do that. I told her about the last Office Manager and what she had taken in the form of ID's, bank account number, routing number, and Debit Card numbers. She said that woman was working in another office in Reidsville, GA; but, she should not have asked for those pieces of information -- Aspen Dental does not debit accounts for the bills. I told her that that had made my payments late and I only had so much money to deal with each month and could not afford what Dental First was asking for now.

The whole experience with Aspen Dental has been a horror movie. The worst thing is that it's not over yet. My teeth are still not fixed as they promised they would be and now my Dental First bill was late and in the rears. I have never been treated so rudely in my life. Please let me say this- the last Office Manager I saw in the Statesboro office was very nice and was very concerned about the last one taking my banking information and credit card information. She said to please keep checking my bank statements to see if any debits that I don't know about were being withdrawn. As of right now, I have had a few but when looked into were normal.

As to this date of April 9th, 2019, I am left with a so-called permanent bridge with cement still impenging on my gums, teeth which have not been taken care of, one tooth that tears my tongue when I eat, and a $4200.00 bill. I question myself each day -- WHY--WHY?? Why do I owe so much money when the job I asked to be done has been a hit and miss one. I will never go to Aspen Dental again and I am thinking of suing Aspen Dental. If there are others in the state of Georgia who have had horrible experiences with Aspen Dental, I would ask you to please try to contact me. My email address is:

Dana Hansen-Sheppard

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4200.

Preferred solution: Get me an appointment with a Dentist of my choice and pay for him/her to restore the damage done by Aspen's Dentist in Statesboro, GA area..

Aspen Dental Cons: Quality of service and lack of professional dentists, Are a rip off company not truthfulnot dependable, Being jerked around, Quality of dentist hired for the statesboro office.

  • Poor Quality For Dentist Hired
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Dana, All I can say is, Statesboro is a pretty good sized town, and there have always been PLENTY of good dentists there. If you "awaiting the opening of an Aspen with joy" you were a complete moron.

You wanted cheap and you went to big-time crooks to get an inappropriate treatment plan done incompetently. Funny thing was, the fees were probably not cheap at all. Silly patient!

Good dentistry takes experience and a good bit of time and that costs money. Here is a news flash: Whatever Aspen you go to, the treatment will be mediocre at best.


If your daughter was a dental tech for some 20 years, perhaps you should have consulted her prior to going to Aspen. I expect she has some knowledge, being in the profession, of the kind of work Aspen does.

Other than than, we commiserate but your options are limited at this point. Your can file a complaint with the state dental licensing board; contact an attorney for a free consult to see what legal action you can take; or change banks, etc. immediately so no one can take money out of your bank accounts and then tell Aspen or whomever you contracted to pay that you won't pay for inadequate work, the point being why would someone pay for work that is incomplete, ill-fitting, shoddy and potentially dangerous to your oral health.

Your experience is just another in a long line of Aspen complaints. Spread the word about your experience-----and see a local dentist in private practice for a much better dental experience.