Harwich, Massachusetts
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What a let down Aspen Dental was, is. They will not honor your appointment time.

It took me three years to muster up the courage to make and keep a dentist appointment. I, like many others, have a phobia. Aspen Dental was very aware of how difficult it was for me to make my appointment today and yet they still refused to see me after being just four minutes late.

As I said, I arrived four minutes late after sitting in traffic (through no fault of theirs) for forty five minutes. After waiting for five minutes the receptionist informs me, with a smile on her face, that they have to reschedule my appointment. She let me know that the paperwork they insist you fill out will take thirty minutes, that my appointment will take an hour... and therefore their dentist will not be staying to see me as my appointment will run past five, their closing time. Why then did they schedule an appointment at four if they never intended on keeping it? Aspen Dental made it crystal clear that starting their weekend at exactly five is far more important than patient care.

I have a broken tooth and am in terrible pain, they did NOT care. The receptionist continued to smile after I began crying due to the shock that they refused to treat me.

I am so disappointed with Aspen Dental, I thought they were different, truly cared, I could not of been more wrong. I will never trust Aspen Dental with my mouth. I can only hope and pray that they never treat someone like this again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $180.

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you are a lying victim. show up early, instead of late, and there is no issue.

just bc u can't manage YOUR time, doesn't put them AT fault. grow up


Had you actually taken the time to read the review in it’s entirety, perhaps you wouldn’t have wasted not only your time but mine as well with a response. With that being said, a victim i am not, again in the review I clearly stated my being late was not their fault, maybe English isn’t your primary language?

There has to be an intelligent reason why you did not understand that? As far as lying goes, let’s be honest, you are a troll, nothing more, nothing less. And obviously one with zero insight into this review, but I forgive you for lying about me.

Lesson learned, yes? Now run along little troll, I think you may need to take this time to reflect and grow up.


Aspen dental is a corporate owned facility, I went to aspen dentist in hyannis ma. For a minor adjustment on my partial bridge and I.

Was told being I did not purchase the bridge from them ,they told me they could not adjust it.Instead they tried to sell me a new one, being the one I had was only one year old.I found honest dentist and The adjustment took only five minutes and no change.Do not trust them because they make their money on unnecessary work. Find a real dentist.

@Mr honest

The one and only job of Aspen is to separate people from their money.


This office is a scam. I can't believe it's BBB accredited and allowed to continue to operate. I wouldn't let them treat my cat.

Run by incompetent and dishonest personal.

After two visits and no work done I left totally disgusted and was billed $1,500.00.



This is the whole problem with clinics like this. The authorities are powerless to stop patient abuse.

Dental offices are legally required to be owned by Dentists.

This corporate owner claims only to be a "Dental Management Company" that merely manages the office for a dentist. And just who is the dentist who "owns" the office?

It is a dishonest front man dentist-sham-owner who does not even work at the place. He falsely testifies to the State Board that he is the rightful owner. Even though he cannot sell the practice, is not a signator on any practice checking account, cannot hire and fire, and never shows up at the office.

State Boards of Dentistry can only discipline DENTISTS.

If the sham-owner dentist loses his license, the corporation will just find another. STATE BOARDS HAVE NO POWER OVER NON-DENTIST INVESTOR-OWNERS OR CORPORATE EXECUTIVES. The only case where any governmental authority has been able to slam this crooked chain is the Pennsylvania attorney general, and that was some time ago.

Why? These corporate crooks have got legal firepower like you would not believe!

Corporate chain dentistry, owned by investors, hedge funds, Canadian teacher's unions, and leveraged buyout groups, is a real threat to patient treatment in the US!


It is a shame about your bad experience.

But why did you schedule an appointment at a corporate chain dental clinic where the dentist is a mere employee?

Are there not any honest dentists who own the practices where they work in your town? They exist nearly all over the USA, you know.


I have never been treated with more kindness and respect as I have by the staff at the Hyannis Aspen dental. They have stayed late doing my treatment and even seen me after being late and on a Saturday when I was having an emergency once.

Don't blame them for the fact that you were late for YOUR appointment.

I doubt that you were only 4 minutes late if they denied your appt. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met and genuinely care for their patients.

@Happy Hyannis Aspen Dental pat

First of all, if you knew how to read you would of seen that the above person did NOT blame them for her being late. And second of all, who are you to say anything about this persons experience?

You have no right. I too have been turned away for being a mere few minutes late for a Friday appointment.

You had your positive experience, lucky you. In case you missed it, this was a site to complain...but again, you must not be able to read.