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I went in to get a partial put in they ended up having to pull 4 teeth only one of which my actual dentist said needed removing! They sold me some mouthwash I didn't need and rushed me into a decision because the oral surgeon only comes once a month, 3 days from then!

I agreed without doing research, mistake number 1! And 2! AND 3! My temporary looks horrible, went to get it fixed, made appointment last week.

Finally Go in to get it fixed, told they need to fill it in, doctor said she can get me in this week. Wait, I'm here NOW to get it fixed! No, we DO it this week. Go to schedule another appointment (3rd since getting teeth pulled!!!) not til next week!

So frustrated, not wanting to smile when i went there to improve my smile! This place is a nightmare, you're just a number not a human being! The staff are on edge, knowing they do *** work, the reviews are all true but now they've used ALL my insurance money on 50 xrays and they're holding my permanent partials hostage for 5 more months until I get them. My smile WAS my best feature and they've ruined it!

I have never been guided to leave a bad review until now!

So pissed! It's not noticeable, right?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You will be fine..I chose luckily not to go there but I got ripped dog at gentoe dental and have no teeth he is holding me hsotage as well.i feel your pain I wish I could help..just know I didn't have any teeth for s year and a half after getting them pulled back when mas health didn't pay to help with dentures they don't pay for ten.porsry Ines so u need to eat without me tures for a year u til your mouth is normalized....it's the most daunting process and most will experience huuuuuge problems the first year..very few people have no issues at all...the pro let..with Aspen is they say they will do stuff and they are liars..at least there's a class action suit there..nobody will get money back u Les they are proactive in the process and out money into lawyer frims who will never take dental cases..I've tried for a year and I'm.sti being ripped off failing Implants..not being seen ..I paid 12 grand for bottom..i.mplants and dentures..it's been four years now and I have no teeth and my de tis is refusing to see me..so be careful what u complain about because they can just boot you and not give you your dentures...nobody's Gunna care unless u have sone advocate or familgto go down there with you and demand it .....if I can suggest on ething make sure they give u a big paper trail.it will be the only way u get any money back out if them..I can't prove anything at gentle dental because I don't have a single treatment plan written out( get this because my mouth is comicsted...when started there he said I had a very strong. Bone structure..now its the worst mouth he's ever seen so he wont see me in fear he may mess up maybe idk) I wish you luck just remember the first year is going to suck either way unless they scale their mouth down to flatten out the surface would you can get done at a real oral surgeon or a prosthodontist


Sure is lots of space between the partial flange on your right and the gums beneath it. looks like an eighth of an inch! Big mistake to make a partial so soon after extractions.


Once teeth are gone, the alternatives will never be great.

Because the mouth, the bone, etc will continue to change. So what was a decent or optimal fit may not be at some future point in time.

Just do your best. Find a non-zinc adhesive to help.

Think dentist do not tell thei patients the reality of what they will be dealing with.

Nor will it get better.


You can't imagine how much money and time it would cost to graft bone and replace the missing teeth with implants. Maybe $15,000 and 14 months!

A$pen's proprietary software, called SSS (Smart Scheduling System) ranks procedures according to profitability.

It delays treatment or even cancels appointments for patients like you if another patient calls to get procedures with a higher profitability rank in the software. Really kind and caring, don't you think?

Wait to you get your final partial with it's thin made-in-China metal framwork.

And did I mention the denture teeth have a tendency to fall out of the flexible nylon material they love to use in partials?

A$pen offers 3rd world quality dentistry at New York City prices. It's what you get when Wall Street shysters illegally muscle in the dental profession.