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Had two wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. My first problem is that I was told anaesthesia was not covered by insurance and would owe over $1,100 that MUST be paid before the surgery.

Called my insurance company and was told that yes the code I gave them for the anaesthesia was in fact covered at 80%. I called Aspen and was told "there was more to it than just the anesthesia, there was more behind that goes on which is why it isn't covered". Which makes absolutely no sense, aspen gave me a breakdown of the procedures bill, with the codes for insurance. So I called back the office in a conference call to aspen and my insurance company and when my insurance told the women at the office that those codes were covered, she responded by saying their system doesn't estimate that it's covered and there was nothing they could do to change that estimate.

(Makes one question how Aspen defines "estimate"). So the only reason I had called Aspen to take out my wisdom teeth was because they were in network and I could avoid paying up front and being reimbursed later which ended up happening anyway. At this point I had no other option than to take a Dental First loan for over $1,100 at 15% interest rate if I was going to be able to wisdom teeth as soon as possible, as they were causing me quite a bit of pain at this point. My second issue is that in the office I was asked to initial next the paperwork saying I understood what was happening that day and yet never once did a surgeon actually tell me what was happening.

When I received the paperwork from the man in the office I asked what exactly i was getting for anaesthesia and was told it would be nitrous oxide which would put me totally asleep. Knowing that nitrous oxide does not put you to sleep I continued to question him, saying in the past when I've had surgery it was given through IV and was put totally asleep. He informed me that no, it would be a gas mask and be given nitrous oxide which will put me to sleep. At this point it was obvious to me he was not aware of what he was talking about and figured I would wait to discuss when I saw the actual surgeon.

Which I waited almost a full hour past my appointment time to see him, at which point he informed me that yes I would be getting a shot and put totally asleep for the procedure. He never asked me if I had any questions, or gave any post op instructions just sent out the door with a piece of paper giving instructions. We talked maybe 1 minute from the time I met him to me walking out. (Which is also making me question my surgery consult charge since no consultation with a surgeon ever took place).

To top it off, after surgery we were told my prescription would be waiting at my pharmacy. My procedure was scheduled at 3pm, actually started at 4pm and so when we arrived at the pharmacy after the procedure and discovered the prescription was never called in, it was after 5 and the office was closed. We called the emergency line that was in my post op instructions and were told they would page the doctor and we would hear back within 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes came and went I called the emergency line again and was told they would page the doctor again and would hear back in 20 minutes.

This occurred a total of 4 times, all while I am sitting in my car in the parking lot of my pharmacy after having JUST gotten out of surgery and every minute that goes by the local anaesthetic was wearing off and my pain is increasing. Finally I received a call from my pharmacy saying they have the prescription ready but never received a call from anyone at aspen that entire time to either inform me the doctor was taking care of the issue or even to atleast apologize for causing such a delay in me being able to have pain relief and to properly take care of the gauze or be able to properly rest like you're supposed to after surgery. Overall I was incredibly dismayed at my experience with Aspen dental as a whole and would never recommend anyone to this establishment.

I would even go so far as to say a nightmarish experience with Aspen dental and I will absolutely NEVER return here. Also I feel I should contact the Better Business Bureau for such lack of responsibility taken by this company and causing such a financial and emotional stress on a client that was in a vulnerable position and taking advantage of my situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #1332634

Many patients think they are so savvy about saving money and will only consider chop shops on the Provider lists provided by insurance companies. In reality, these "in-network" lists read like a rogue's gallery of dentists never to patronize.

You found that out the hard way.

Your story takes the cake with the amount of deception used, calling nitrous oxide "general anesthesia." The sad part is, you probably spent much more money going to A$pen than with an honest dentist not on the PPO list.

Ordinarily, I tell patients to just go ahead and pay any amount in dispute about what insurance will pay, and get a refund later if insurance comes through on the claim. You can't do the safely with A$pen. If they get any insurance payment, they want it keep it.

It takes filing a lawsuit against A$pen to get any legitimate credit balance refunded. You had better believe the Wall-Street shyster-owners of A$pen run chronically short of cash!

If you are smart, you will steer well clear of all corporate chain dental clinics in the future, as h.kitchener advises.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1332588

A few observations: Aspen is a dental mill and not the cheapest, nor usually the best place to have any sort of dental work performed in my humble opinion. If, as you said you initialed the box stating you understood everything but really did not, why would you initial the box?

You didn't say why you opted for anesthesia but unless you have had a really bad experience with extractions, having anesthesia conducted by someone in a dental office by who-knows-who would be a "shot in the dark" wouldn't it? It's not like being put under in a hospital with all the experienced doctors there with all the equipment around to help you if something goes wrong.

All in all, stay away from dental mills. As an aside, perhaps it's time to start building up your savings in anticipation of one of life's emergencies.

Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India #1332553

Sounds just like the ClusterScrew that always happens at aspen ripoff dental. Just be glad you escaped with your life. He probably meant that you should be dizzy on nitrous oxide when you sign for the fraudulent credit card loans.

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