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My first and only visit to Aspen Dental was very pleasant up to the point of having to talk with Mandy S., the financial aid person, and apparently the office manager. The dental tech and Dentist, Dr.

Goodman, were really nice and understanding to my wants and needs related to my dental care. Once I thought everything was finished with my examination and was ready to make my appointment for treatment, I was guided to Mandy's room to review my treatment "options." I was greeted with a snarky attitude and a question that was her asking if I have been saving money for treatment. I told her I would be paying cash, and thought to myself what business is it of hers if I have been saving money or not. As long as the bill is paid, then that is my business.

I shrugged the attitude off, considering it was Monday morning. However, since she did ask the question about payment, I asked if they worked with a credit agency, if I did decide to change my mind and make payments. She said yes and handed me a brochure of a company they work with. I told her I would take it home to read the terms and conditions, and if I decide to use credit, I will let her know.

She rudely said that I could not leave her office with the brochure, even just to read it. I thought that was odd. Couldn't even take a brochure home.. As the conversation about my treatment continued, it quickly became very clear to me that she was trying to charge/scam me with unnecessary treatment "add-on's." When I declined this unnecessary treatment option and stated to her exactly what I wanted fixed with my teeth, which was to fix just a couple teeth so I could proceed with braces from my orthodontist, she became very abrasive.

As she continued to get defensive she made the following asinine statement to me, "Honey, it would be illegal for us to not perform our treatment options (the extra add-on's) and then have your ortho put braces on your teeth". I looked at her with complete confusion. I told her that this is the work my orthodontist wanted me to have done, and I told her I did talk this over with Dr. Goodman, and he agreed that would be good plan to have for me.

She disagreed, yet again stating it was illegal. Illegal?? As we continued to go in circles she became even more argumentative. At that point I just gave up.

I got up out of my seat to leave and told her she was full of {{Redacted}}and I would not pay for any unnecessary work. At that point she dramatically and comically jumped out of her seat and literally started yelling and screaming at me, like bloody murder loud, for me to get out of her office. I gladly left her office without incident. I went up to the receptionist's desk and asked her how I could get a copy of my x-rays.

I, along with everyone in the waiting room, could hear Mandy yelling in the back. Mandy then came up to the receptionist desk where I was and started yelling at me to never come back. She said I was BANNED and KICKED OUT. I said that's fine, I do not intend to come back.

I then asked her what her name was (at that point I didn't know). She refused to tell me. I asked her about 5 or 6 times. Then out of pure curiosity as to what her answer would be, I then asked what law they (Aspen Dental) would be breaking by me not accepting their add-on's.

Of course she told me to "lick up the statute myself." Clearly she didn't have an answer considering it was a lie and she was just trying to add on a couple $$$ to my bill. Anyway, she went back to her office after a couple more minutes of her ranting. I then give the receptionist back the paperwork so I could get my x-rays, and she (the receptionist) very genuinely apologized. Like I said, everyone else there was as nice as can be.

I then turn around to leave to find several people in the waiting room, that had heard this entire outburst. I was very embarrassed, considering Mandy was acting like she had been assaulted.

After looking over reviews from Facebook, Google, and other sites, I noticed that this is typical with how she practices her position with Aspen Dental. Will NOT recommend Aspen Dental.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Office Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Employees were great except for the one.

I didn't like: Wasting my time, Spammers.

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Hiram, Georgia, United States #1250926

High interest credit cards, high pressure sales, don't care attitude, slipped in charges and more shady things than can be typed is just what aspen is known for. Welcome to aspen dental.

to Anonymous Coosawhatchie, South Carolina, United States #1252045

I had numerous billing problems with them. Eventually, got some money returned to me after involving the BBB, the CFO of Aspen Dental, and the State of NJ Pension (I am a retired teacher), Dental Benefits, and CIGNA Dental.

Get other agencies involved, and have your paper work in order. Be sure to copy each agency in on any letters or emails you have with Aspen Dental.

Have a paper trail. I no longer go to Aspen Dental and have a wonderful new dentist in his own practice that accepts my insurance.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1250436

NOte how Mandy resembled a typical "closer" on a used car lot or time-share condo racket. You had better believe A$pen Dental Crime Syndicate tracks her "closing" percentages.

Every day she doesn't close enough inflated treatment plans is a day she stands to lose her job.

All this pressure can cause employees to boil over and lose their cool, like happened in front of you.

Mandy did you a favor flying off the handle. If you had not have walked, you might have ended up with a boatload of inappropriate and unrcessary dental treatment charged on high-interest credit card. And much might have been incompetently delivered, and needed correction somewhere else at additional expense.

Not sure why you went to a one stop chop shop like A$pen to start with, but you would be better off finding an honest and competent guy or gal who owns his own practice.

By the way, you were right about something.

There is nothing "illegal" about sending you away without recommended treatment done. Especially when the treatment was probably inappropriate to start with.

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