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October of last year i had dental surgery at the Brunswick Georgia location. Well one of the employee stuck her finger with one of my needles.

So the office manager gave me a form to cover the cost and ask me would i mind taking a HIV? I told him no problem. Took the test, everything negative. Took the results back to them.

Come to find out they didn't pay the bill for almost 500.00 and i got stuck with it.

I have been calling leaving messasges no body contacted me back. My next move is a lawyer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Yeah they need to pay for that. That happened to me when I worked for Aspen so I know they are supposed to cover it--they did for me, and the sweet lady that went and got tested--you guys didn't have to do that but it gives us so much peace of mind that you did!

To me, this sounds like disorganization at the corporate office rather than deception. Have you called the corporate office?

The Patient Satisfaction Line would probably be the best number to get help. If not, small claims court would probably be the best and cheapest route for you since it's not that much money to file a claim.

to anonomous #1448631

LOL- "Call Corporate office." To wait 30 minutes and be hung up on?


That is one of the most outrageous things I have read on this forum.It is standard procedure to pay for a patient's HIV test when a staff member gets stuck. After all, it was the staff's clumsiness that caused the accident.Next I guess they will deny they requested you go for an HIV test.

Crooks will always try to cheat people out of money. The private equity swindlers that own A$pen are no different.$500 sure seems like a lot for an HIV test, however.

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