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The oral surgeon in Ocala, Dr. Christopher Latham was fabulous; would highly recommend him.

However we had to pay for the procedure an entire month before hand in order to book the appt. then never had the anesthesia that we were charged for @ 30mins. worth and now 11 days later am still waiting for the refund due to us! The refund should have gone through by now as nobody else takes this long.

It's still not even pending on my card yet! They sure charged my card the very same day that showed up so where is the money back that they owe us?!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Aspen dental + competent quality dentistry is not a feasible combination. Good luck getting that money back but don't give up.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1204535

It is outrageous that they asked for the WHOLE fee up front as an appointment deposit. $100 I can see.

The whole fee as an appointment deposit is ridiculous. No honest dentists do this.

When money enters the A$pen corporate bank account, it enters a time warp and black hole in space in which it may never be seen again. Wonder why? You think this private-equity-investor-owned gyp joint is short of cash?

If you ever see a refund check, rest assured many junk fees will have been deducted against it so you receive a fraction of the refund you were entitled to.

Crooks will be crooks!

If this Dr. Latham was as good as you say, he will be working someplace better in short order.

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