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I was warned by a few colleagues that I would likely walk out with a long treatment plan, costing a few hundred dollars (that’s with my insurance paying half). Since I was desperate to get an appointment for a cleaning before my Insurance changed, I needed an appt ASAP.

This was the only place I could get into.

My my colleagues were correct! I had three pages of “issues” that neither the dentist not hygienist told me of. Rather, I was escorted to another person, in billing! She delivered the news of my results.

I was shocked and said six cavities? You’ve got to be kidding me. Are you sure you have the right chart? She double checked.


I asked to talk to the dentist or the hygienist -but was told they were gone for the day (wow! they left in a hurry!) so neither couldn’t come out and explain.

The billing person proceeded to tell me, “it’s tooth number 5 & 10, as well as.... that have cavities..”

Looks like a possible root canal, on tooth number 20. I said, “WHAT??”

I said I don’t number my teeth.

I have no idea what number five and 10 you’re referring to. And tooth number 20 that needs a root canal, what tooth is that?!?

Awful. Just awful experience. That was the first time & LAST time I will ever go to them.

That was the exam.

They wanted me to make another appointment for the cleaning. I said I’ll pass. I’ll get a second opinion.

....the last time I had seen my dentist in MI, I had no cavities. Pretty sure they’re running an insurance scam.

I DO NOT recommend. Steer clear!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Unethical practices I believe they are doing insurance fraud.

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Yeah, they are running an insurance scam and every other sort of scam. But don't worry, they are equal opportunity scammers.

The scam uninsured patients, too. I once had a college kid in for a second opinion. I even took my own x-rays to be clear. Aspen had planned to put fillings in 13 of his pristine teeth.

I found absolutely no cavities. When Wall Street private equity investors own clinics instead of licensed dentists, no good will come to the public.


They have clear steers at Aspen? Man, I would like to see a transparent cow!