Marengo, Illinois
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I had a horrible experience at Aspen. It took two hours for the exam, and then I was charged $187.20 for the $19.00 special.

They told me that I should get all my teeth pulled and get dentures from them. NEVER! They are *** artists! I was not informed of any of their charges before the exam.

Their response to their charges was that I had insurance. I have a supplemental AFLAC (actually it is my wife's policy). It is not met to be considered actual dental insurance. Why would I pay $112.20 for an exam that would cost $19.00 if I did not have insurance.

A 6 year old child could figure the stupidity of this. Their fraudulent practices need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I just got new the other day that A$pen reached a consent order with yet ANOTHER state attorney general (the 4th one so far) to stop deceptive advertising practices. These clowns won't be satisfied until they get slammed in all 50 states.

You are right.

$19 means $19, whether you have insurance or not.

This Sleazeball operation started in New York long ago as an El Cheapo Yand-all-your-teeth-and-slap-dentures-in-you-mouth outfit. That heritage remains with them to this day. They extract WAY too many teeth that could be saved.

They did you a favor trying to scam you. You walked.

Imagine your condition if you had followed their advice!

Find an honest, competent dentist who owns his own practice.

These are the guys and gals interested in long-term patient satisfaction. Forget the cheesy, investor-owned corporate chain clinics!