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I made an appointment. I took the day off work. I came in. Got an x-ray. Was told the work was not too difficult. Current patient. Was told I needed to come back another day for the actual dental work. Dentist was a pure ***, an "a-hole" if you'll pardon my French. "We have a busy schedule today." I MADE AN APPOINTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, do you make appointments only to have me come in to make another appointment? Just to milk... Read more

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I did go back to Aspen Dental to either start all over or tweak my dentures so they would fit comfortably. I was told that if they started over I would get exactly what I have now. So, they did an adjustment on my upper denture but when I asked them to take a little off the bottom between my cheeks and gums I was told no. There was nothing they could do for the bottoms. So, the uppers finally fit and look halfway decent, but the bottoms are... Read more

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I went researching online for a super cheap exam to talk about getting my wisdom teeth removed. I found Aspen Dental with their advertised FREE Exam and X-Ray for uninsured patients. Well, I hit all of that criteria to the "T". I was a FIRST time patient to Aspen Dental (haven't been to a dentist in almost 7 yrs), and I DO NOT have insurance. I had my appointment October 21st and received a bill for $208 on November 2nd. The bill is charging me... Read more

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Aspen Dental is trying to rip me off I went from mowing nothing darling 2600 they said I have to pay before I get my permit plates

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Aspen Dental in Lima OH is a joke. Every time you go in there they have all new people because the others were run out of town. I needed a toothe refilled. The filling Aspen put in fell out after a year. They mad e me an appointment and so I went in. After sitting in the chair for 1 hour, the dentist comes in and says we will not be able to fill this today and I will have to schedule another appointment. So I wasted 1.5 hrs of my day for nothing... Read more

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Have you heard those Aspen Dental commercials or viewed one on TV? Well they are not true at all! The first time I called them, I was out of town and had a tooth that needed pulled, I was in so much pain, I couldn't even drive. The receptionist at Aspen Dental told me they were booked till the beginning of January? The second time, I'm on vacation, I called another Aspen dental, and the same situation, they explained to me that they would see... Read more

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paid for dentures for my wife. 189.00 down, 1493.00 following prcedure. one year jater dentures need repair, they claim we owe them money. we proove to them we dont. they repair the dentures, one tear later here we are AGAIN, same thing, broken dentures, they claim we owe them money. They persist we owe them even with proving them wrong, AGAIN. to me this is a sign that someone is pocketing from the till and covering themselves by tampering with... Read more

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I went to Aspen Dental in Delaware OH due to tooth pain. I waited for 1/2 hour before they called my name. After x-rays and an exam I was told that I needed several teeth pulled, pretty much 1/2 of my bottom back teeth and all of my top back teeth whcih would require 2 partial plates. I was told that I had loose teeth, (which I knew was a lie) and a mouthful of infection. The office mgr does the sales pitch quoted a price of 7000. I went for a... Read more

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I went to Aspen Dental in Delaware, Ohio. They advertised Dentures starting at $249.00. I had the free Xrays and consulted on Denture Prices.. $1500.00 for the cheapest (6) month warranty plus $2134.00 to pull 11 teeth a total of $3632.00.. RIP OFF !! I asked for a print out of how much on the teeth being pulled. Now mind you I only have 11 teeth.. She charged me for 20 teeth at $129.00 per tooth.. I was in the office for 2 hours.. The hygenist... Read more

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I went to aspen dental in Delaware, Ohio LAST DECEMBER. They lied about the need to pull ALL 28 teeth. They said they would just pop right out. Well I could not afford to be knocked out for it. They yanked and pulled for quite a while and it hurt like ***. After it was over they sent me home with blood gushing out of my mouth. My first checkup afterward the assistant dropped the uppers on the floor and broke them. They didn't think I saw it and... Read more

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