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Your company is in 21 states. I would think with the money that you make, you could get some professionals to do your commercials. You should be embarrassed, its like you went down to the local high school and had the students create your commercials. You do have one professional commercial with NASCAR driver, Ms. Patrick. I would say the rest of your commercials are childish. I change the channel any time your commercials are on and I would say... Read more

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Went to aspen Dental in Quincy Never had an experience like this, the customer service was not good I went for my appointment at 9:30 am and yes I five-minute late never experience patient confidential my business about my payment of a late fee was discussed other patient and loud at the front desk there was two woman .i feel that someone owe me an apology i was insulted by their unacceptable behavior, I was in pain E need to find another... Read more

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I had a bad experience at Aspen Dental. I went in to get work finished to make my smile Enhance. And omg the service was HORRIBLE. I Thank God for one of their staff member by the name of ms. Mandy. She was awesome. The rest of the staff was very Unprofessional. I have never in my life ever seen a Nurse Disrespect a Doctor like what happened on yesterday. And after they were going to Extract all my teeth out my mouth. I am so Apauled!!!!!!! I... Read more

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I'd luckily been warned by a friend about going to Aspen, and after my new patient exam the warning turned out absolutely correct. The good - the staff were friendly, competent and quick at their jobs. If it weren't for the bad side I'd be happy to be a regular patient there. The bad - Aspen is a sales mill. They're car dealership sneaky. My friend warned me that they would try to slip in charges. Here's how it goes. The friendly dentist and... Read more

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After reading some reviews and looking at the class action lawsuit I was very leery of going to Aspen Dental. My teeth were very bad and needed immediate service. I made an appointment and glad I did.Of course I had to have my teeth pulled and dentures made.they worked with me so I had the best possible money's worth.I had the top dentures done on December 26th and the bottom dentures done on January 2nd (two different years)saving me $2500.00... Read more

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Aspen Dental Brockton, Ma. I went for a routine appt and ended up pressured into a deep cleaning, and 3 fillings which cost $848 after insurance. This all happened in one day and one appointment. The dental hygienist drilled my lip and never acknowledged it or apologized. She later tried to say I must have bit my lip. My mother called the office about my situation and the receptionist gave away all my personal information and the details of the... Read more

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I was very disappointed with tbem.their commercial said days not weeks...guess what?? mine was weeks...not only was it weeks but they were wouldn't fit....y hey ate loose in my mouth and hurt everytime I put them...

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That's just it! Aspen Dental explains it very well. "Business" solutions. Robert Fontana. "Why are you in the business of destroying peoples' teeth?" People unfortunately placed their faith and trust in an Aspen Dental dentist and that trust is betrayed when the dentist Jindel ruins their gums by punchuring the gums, and severing tbe nerves in the gums. Destroying their gums causing gum disease, gingivitus. Now, I have to find a professional... Read more

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I went to AspenDental for what I thought was a routine checkup. The dentist poked a metal object on my gums on and around most of my teeth, puncturing holes into my gums, destroying the nerves in my gums, making my teeth and gums extremely sensitive. My teeth are in constant pain ever since AspenDental destroyed my gums, and my teeth are now in constant pain. The dentist said he did this so that he can make thousands of dollars trying to fix my... Read more

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I hadn't seen a dentist in 33 years, and I had 2 cavities on the left side of my mouth. I went to AspenDental for X-rays, and the dentist poked a metal object into my gums which I thought was part of the procedure. A few hours later I drank some milk, and all my teeth felt frozen, like 30 below zero. I' ve always taken care of my teeth even though I hadn't been to the dentist. The dentist cut severed the nerves in my gums, now my teeth are in... Read more

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