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Ok the aspen dental in mcalla,al. Seemes liked they did a good job but for a bottom parcel was going to be close to 700$ with blue cross blue sheilds prefred care ok sunce the trussville aspen was closer to work i had my info tranferred to them an made 2 appointments an both times they called the day of the app. An said they couldnt see me i would have to make another app. Uggghhh Read more

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A close friend recently got top and bottom dentures at Aspen Dental in Bloomington, IN. He has been back several times to have adjustments made because they don't fit correctly and cause a lot of pain. Now they refuse to let him speak with a dentist and told him they won't make any more adjustments. He requested a refund and they told him they could refund half. There's a sign on the wall that says that if you don't like the way your... Read more

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I would not recommend aspen dental to anyone. They don't make teeth to fit and stroke you to keep coming back many times. I've had numerous adjustments and replaced once and numerous adjustments second time. They keep loosing teeth and they don't care. The money back guaranty is just a ploy to get your money. There service sucks Read more

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This is a *** place!!! I schedule myself and my husband for an appointment but when we went to aspen dental in Peru il the receptionist told me that I'm not in the schedule!!! So I got pissed and tell them off that I scheduled myself for the appointment and I needed to get checked today... The other *** apologized and told Me that either one of us can accommodate today....people should not use this place... What a *** rip off and a *** *** ***... Read more

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Worst experience I have ever had.The Aspen dental in Cartersville is the reason people hate going to the dentist.I wouldn't even refer an enemy their.What a joke.

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I went there and they wanted 13,000 told them I didn't want to buy a new car just all pulled and dentures really sad they advertise low monthly payments its all bull false advertisement Read more

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I went Aspen dental in Tri-county. Cincinnati oh. And I was already nervous because the dentist had Indian war paint on his forehead. But Im not judging by appearance . Could be his culture but my experience there was bad. They always act like they were in a hurry to go home. And the dentist left a piece of tooth that was suppose to be extracted in my gums which is very irritating right now. Don't plan to go back not even for them to fix the... Read more

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Picked up my dentures on Monday called aspen back for an adjustment on Wednesday have a 30 day guarantee can't get an appointment for week & a half that's 1/3 of "free" adjustments. They hurt & I'm highly pissed Read more

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Aspen Dental - Doctor refused to correct defective crowns
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Good afternoon, my name is Oxana Donahoe. I want to share the horrible experience about clinic visit Aspen Dental to the address: 1401 North Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704. We with the husband made six crowns in this clinic, three crowns were made by my husband and three crowns were made by me. After the first!! Installations of my three crowns, I noticed that on one of them during a touch tongue, I feel a sharp edge on a back wall of... Read more

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went to aspen dental to have a tooth put back in my plate. they charge 99.00 to do this when I came back to get it they said I needed to see the dentist well seems they bent the plate or something anyway it wouldn't even fit back in my mouth! they had me in the chair for 4 hours!! they then even cut part of my plate off ruining it !!! they said they would fix me up but I had to have an exam well they then said I needed almost 5,000.00 worth... Read more

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