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I choose Aspen Dental because they advertise dentures within 72 hours.Well that is a lie!

It took 3 weeks to get mine because the person making them doesn't speak or understands the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, therefore he did not do what he was to do. They also did not make another appointment for me when they we're suppose to, they didn't even call me I had to call them! After finally getting them I was rushed, by the end of the day I couldn't even wear them because they gave me blisters. I called the next morning to get in but that didn't happen, I can't get in for 2 weeks!

There is another lie for them! They say they do emergency appointments (which this is) but they don't.

Aspen dental is so over priced & does nothing but lie.I will NEVER SEND PEOPLE TO THEM!

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #800324

I have made dentures for 36 years as a dentist.I hate to tell you, but:


Dentures take a minimum of 5 appointments to make if one does not take any shortcuts, and everything goes perfectly. Constructing a quality pair of dentures in 72 hours is nearly impossible unless the dentist does all his own lab work and has no other patients. Constructing a set of quality dentures usually takes me 6 appointments and 3 more for adjustments. It takes a MINIMUM of a month to accomplish all of this.


I don't see how anyone could make anything approaching a decent denture for much under $1000 for ONE denture, much less $800 for a pair of dentures.

You are asking the impossible.

3.Probably the LAST place you will get quality dentures is a clinic owned by private investors instead of the dentists who work there.

to henrius Portland, Oregon, United States #806636

I work for a Denturist in Portland, Oregon and we price our dentures at $850 a plate.They are high quality and all of our patients are very happy.

It's possible to do it for under $1,000. The Denturist I work for tries to make the price reasonable as to be more accessible to the community.

I do agree though, doing it in 72 hours is impossible. I laugh at the Aspen website because it talks about doing 'Try Ins' like it's something special.

It's not, it should be part of every denture process along with an initial impression, a final impression and a *** registration.

All steps that Aspen does NOT do.No wonder they don't fit.

to JSmith Boise, Idaho, United States #806666

You doubtless do not make custom trays and do anything but an alginate impression for that price.I also doubt they are set in balanced occlusion in a semi-adjustable articulator, then remounted after the denture settles in.

Denture patients kill me.

They never listen to anybody, which is the reason most lose their teeth.Once their natural teeth are gone they never listen to any good advice, just the TV, and march over to the cheapest place to get dentures, and want them done in a jiffy to boot.

I wonder how many of these clowns, having lost an arm or leg, would expect to get a wonderful fully-functional prosthesis in 72 hours for $850.


Do you have a fever?An infection?

Is your face swollen? Having trouble breathing?

Those are emergencies, not what your crying about.Im sure the person who cant speak english has more sense than you.

to Exactly Portland, Oregon, United States #806637

No, a sore spot is an emergency.Anything causing a patient pain is an emergency.

With dentures, a sore spot will not go away on it's own, it must be ground down by the denturist or it will just get worse.

The first few days of a patient having their new teeth are important to them adapting to them.If they are having a sore spot, you get them in same day or the next so the spot doesn't get worse or they take their dentures out and put them into a drawer.

to JSmith #806648

Thank you JSmith, i do have to say when i finally got in after the two weeks, the dentist was angry & told me to tell them to get me in within 2 days.

to JSmith Boise, Idaho, United States #806668

It is true, an ulcer under a denture is painful. But is "anything causing a patient pain" an EMERGENCY?

Hangnails can be painful. By your logic, is a hangnail an emergency also?

to henrius #806674

If you don't want it to cause you to have cancer than yes it is a emergency! That is exactly what can happen if not treated quickly. And no IM not talking about a hangnail.

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