I went to Aspen Dental and this disaster started in Nov 2009 and is still ongoing. I went in had the free consult & x rays a discussed what I needed and wanted to be done. I stated after my cleaning and the few cavities that had to be filled that I wanted some bonding done on two of my front teeth. I had a small gap in the very front and the tooth next to the very front was slightly turned. They stated this would be no problem. I asked how long would this bonding last on my teeth and I was told "years". So, I made my appointment, and the day I went in to have my work done I was so excited, I actually was very emotional and cried in the dentist chair because I had wanted this procedure done for a very long time and just never had the finances to do it. So, I have it done and Im absolutely thrilled when the work is done, within 2 wks the bonding starts chipping. This is the real beginning of my nightmare. I go back to the dentist numerous times because it continues to chip repetitively, finally myself, the office mgr and the dentist sit down and decide this is obviously a problem and we discuss Veneers, so I agree to have Veneers but I have to make payments. I get the work done over several weeks as Im making payments. I get the Veneers put on and I love them even better than the bonding but my teeth had to be grinded down in order for the Veneers to fit properly. I was also told these would last years. After just a few months the Veneers start coming off. So, Im going through embarassment and humiliation of my teeth coming off in public and then the horror of these small ground down teeth are whats exposed and its very painful, it's like having a raw nerve exposed. I couldnt eat or drink. It was so stressful. So I go through the process of them re cementing several times, just like the bonding sceranio until they decide that the onlu solution is going to be caps/crowns. Which they only did 2 of the 3 teeth. I had not yet had a problem w the 3rd Veneer until now. The 3rd Veneer has come off and it came off in my sleep and I've still not found it so Im assuming I swallowed it but now Aspen Dental has put me in the horrible position of not honoring the warranty of the Veneer and knowing a Veneer isnt going to work and Im going to need a cap like the others, they want cash up front $567.00 to be exact to put a cap in place of the Veneer. They're perfectly ok with the shoddy workmanship and all the torment and anguish Ive been through with my teeth falling apart and now with this front tooth missing that it is horribly affecting my appearance. Im so stressed over this and just sick and I dont know what to do because I dont have an extra $567.00. Im so embarassed to go out in public. If I speak to anyone I have to cover my mouth because I am just humiliated. I can not believe that a dentist office can treat someone like this. This is the worst patient care Ive ever experienced.

My name is Kim Jones


424 Tampa Dr

Owensboro, Ky 42303


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Veneer.

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I wish I would have read these before going there. I had oral surgery and had all of my teeth removed, they promised they would make me dentures that were perfect just like how my teeth were befor they started falling apart.My last appt, I was yelled at by the dentist for rolling my eyes berated in front of hygenists and other patients then sent home with dentures that not only do not fit, but that I can probbably never use and I payed them 2000.00 in cash. Biggest mistake I have ever made.


Find a real dentist - fast! They quoted me 4900.00 for some work I didn't need at all.

I went to a regular dentist and everything Aspen had told me was a lie! They said I had gum disease, needed root canals, etc etc. There are no words to describe them. Now they sent me an offer for 25% off services which I didn't follow up with that they said I needed.


But it is no joke, so BEWARE! :(


:eek I am so so sorry to hear about all the trouble you have had. I was going to call about a partial bridge but not after reading this.

Thank you for sharing so that others will not have to go through this. I wish you the best and hope things get better for you. But this *** didn't have to happen in the first place.

That is just disgusting the shoddy workmanship they did and the fact that, once again, money talks! IT SUCKS

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