Dayville, Connecticut

Aspen Dental is guilty of shoddy work, poor service and fraudulent billing. I know from experience. I think they build extended problems onto existing ones and create additional dental problems for patients.

My daughter is not a middle-aged nor an elderly person. She visits the dentist regularly. She doesn't have the strongest teeth, however, almost every single filling that had been done has had to be replaced or fell out within weeks or a few months of being placed.

I have grave concerns over what they have done to my teenage daughter.

In addition, their billing practices are fraudulent and their extortive behavior of using fear installation in patients to make them think they are ALL in dire dental health is not only questionable "ethicswise" but questionable on their expertise? and legally.

I have proof from their own hand that they don't mind at all trying to rebill for "old charges" that are paid in full and clear.

I have printouts from Aspen Dental in which they entered discount rates I was entitled to through careington 505, insurance payments from my one insurance at the time and personal payments that showed specific dates of service and procedures done including the codes for them.

Then, a year later, they took specific charges and rebilled them to a second INSURANCE I acquired. Never mind, they had been paid what they were allowed under their contract with Careington and BC/BS.

Not only is this illegal, it is fraudulent.

In other cases, they only filed on my secondary insurance initially. Put the remaining amounts on "my responsibility payment" part. Later collecting payment from my primary insurance, NOT CREDITING THESE PAYMENTS TO MY ACCOUNT and then posting as my having a balance due not crediting BC/BS payments to my account.

In other words, they probably owe me a little bit as I most likely overpaid them for services rendered in the end. It was not until the tailend of having had enough "shoddy and possibly malpractice work" done for my daughter that I realized what was going on.

I also am under the impression they charged for a couple of fillings they never did.

It amazes me the people who do the insurance billing work have the nerve to think No One Would catch this. And on top of it, knowing a majority of their dentists are not properly certified, let alone registered with alot of the insurances.

Then, they go back and look at where they take big hits on discounts and I think they look for patients whose insurances have changed and try to bilk the insurance companies and if that doesn't work, take the denial of benfits letters and try to make the patients think these are charges that are simply not covered on the patients insurance, but that the patient is still responsible for, knowing that this is illegal.

What disgusts me is all the advertising they do on how non-judgmental they are and how they care. That alone is false advertisement. Their prices if you have no insurance are ludacris and more than double what insurance companies allow, so those without insurance get screwed and are lured/forced into acquiring medium to high interest rate financial programs if they are to get treated for their dental problems.

Usually, Aspen Dental requires you to pay at least half up front and if you get approved by unicorn or care, then they place all the fees on the "financing" on these accounts upfront meaning they collect the entire payment before work is done! This also is questionable at least ethically.

Once, they collect the entire costs upfront, they don't care if the work done is satisfactory or appropriate. And, try getting refunded if your not satisfied or the work is shoddy.

They can argue alot, but to try billing insurances that were not in effect at time of services rendered and those services already having been paid in full is fraud. Fraud. There is no way they are unaware of what they did.

I have the printout from their own computer showing paid in full DOS and then they sent in claims a year and a half later to an insurance that was not in effect at the time.

She has had 5 fillings replaced either by them or a new dentist that were in her mouth anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to less than 2 years.

You tell I wrong to be pissed?

Going to file complaints with the ADA and Attorney Generals in Connecticut, Massachusetts. Offices in both these states in 3 locations are a part of this.

However, I will never step in the doorway of Aspen Dental again. Unless I am with a lawyer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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I experienced so many of the same claims you made.


Just came back from Aspen Dental. I am so upset I just want to cry.

I have paid $2,000 plus what my insurance paid to treat gum disease. I went there today and they wanted $290 more dollars to continue the treatment. I still have to have a filling because the one I got 1 month ago fell out. I am done with them.

I called the corporate office but they didn't help at all. So now I have to pay for all this and then go get another dentist to fix my mouth. Oh, I don't want to forget about the crown.

It looks like my tooth is rotten on the top where he put the crown on. Thank goodness its in back so its not too noticable.


Some Aspens are better than others, but I highly recommend stating away from them just to avoid the bad ones. The office managers are not told or trained to cheat the patient in any way.

However, the manager and doctor are paid based on patient acceptance and amount of money for future work collected from the patient on the first visit. The doctor is also graded on the dollar amount of his treatment plan so the higher the treatment plan the better. I think all this leads to unethical or trumped up treatment.

I left Aspen when I realized I was afraid to be recognized in public as an Aspen employee. I also felt horrible for the time I spent there...


they seem mean and like a fraud i will not go there. i haven't yet but now i know i will never ever go there. :( glad i heard!


after hearing all of this i am not going there. :( :cry :eek ;)


I am still being billed for a filling for my daughter from back in August 2010 way above and beyond the 80% allowable that was already paid by my insurance. I am frustrated that the Aspen office where we receive services is not the billing office because it seems that the billing office may be on another planet.

Even after my EOB's have been faxed to them, they are still billing way above the amount I should be responsible for. Am considering going to another dentist although the office staff is nice here in Mechanicsburg PA.

Nursery, Texas, United States #198571

I returned the $144.00 toothbrush they sold me and instead of refunding my money, they moved the money to charges that are on their paperwork as $0 patient responsibility. And i have that paperwork.

I asked them where the $144 went if they didn't bill it to me.

They told me a new breakdown with Aristin treatments- which originally showed no patient responsibilty after insurance NOW having charges that totalled the $144 they owed me. Bastards.


Aspen Dental must be stopped. A multi-state Class Action Lawsuit is forming against the Aspen Dental Group.

If you would like to have your complaint against Aspen Dental considered for inclusion in this action, please send a complete description of your “Aspen” experience, including your name, contact email and phone number to the following email address:

The more information you are able to provide in support of your complaint against Aspen Dental, the more "power" your complaint will carry and the faster Aspen will fall.

All information provided by you will be treated as strictly confidential and will be shared with no one except the attorneys involved with the preparation of this action. There is absolutely no cost to you to have your voice heard.


Ted Bleckstein, DDS, MS


im in same boat and dont have a paddle.aspen dental in zanesville ohio& newark ohio. been to both still have screwed up teeth.& less money in my pocket.


To: Holly and Odenia

Your experience with Aspen Dental is well documented on these web pages by thousands of other people frauded by Aspen Dental. One thing you can do is to get all of your paperwork, both from your insurance company and Aspen Dental, organize it and file a complaint with your State Attorney General. And do not give up. Keep on their cases daily.

Another aspect to help in resolving all of these complaints is that Aspen Dental was started and is based in Syracuse NY. But they have branches in several states now which makes their deceitful actions not only a state infraction but a federal one as well. So after you have filed your complaint with your state AG file it with the FTC. And also, communicate your problems with your insurance provider. They will want to know that their PPO are not abiding by the negotiated contracts. It would not hurt to also let the NY Empire Zone orgainization know that they funded over $300,000 (free I might ad) to Aspen Dental so that they could continue to stay in business in NY and continue to fraud the consumer. The more light you shed on Aspen will be like shining a light on a vampire. Aspen is nothing more than a predator.

Holly, giving you a drug to alter your way of thinking is a very serious issue. Contact the American Medical Association and file a complant. Also, do not be afraid to contact your State Police and inform them of what happened. State by state they have laws reguarding the illegal use of medication.


Why do people go to corporate run offices? Go to a private practice with a good Dr.

and have a good experience. Really simple.



Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #65827

i have gone to the branch here in brockton ma last year. they told me that i would need to have all of my upper teeth taken out because of decay from when i was pregnant.

when i went to my appointment to see their financial person, she made me wait almost 4 hours before she would see me! she was speaking to other patients that were there after me. well we came up with a plan that i could afford, when my apponitment came up she came into the area that i was being sedated in and said that i needed to sign another form to ok a change in my payments. i was just starting to get lightheaded from the gas when she said i made a mistake and for got to put down your 2 front teeth and that the payments were going to go up slightly.

i had signed the paper not thinking of what was going on. i thought i was in the right frame of mind. the financial person person told me i could discuss the new amount and get new copies after i was done having my teeth pulled. when i got my new bill it went up from $157 to almost $250.

when i brought this to their attention of how much it up they told me there was nothing that could be done because i had signed the papers. to them it didnt matter i was under anethesia when it was signed.

i dont know what to do now because my perm is too bulky even for the comfidents, the teeth are too big, and it sticks out so i cant close my mouth fully. if anyone can help me out in any way please contact me.


I went there for one of my lose teeththey did a good job. So I asked them to put denture for my missing upper 4 teeth .They agreed upon.

They showed me few and I told them that i do not need any metallic thing in my upper jow as I am my self physician. They agreed and gave me temporary denture and they tried multipule time and not able togive they promied .They asked me to go some where.

They wanted me return their temporory so I did so .I talked to multy layer officeal at the end I talked to public relation officer. she helped me out and promised to resolved the dispute.But suddenly I am seeing again cedit people is sending mail to me .I am disscussing with my layer as my return Denture and there talk is in my VDO.

thanks Manju


I need help with dealing with Aspen Dental in Albany NY. They took all my bottm teeth out except they left two pieces of teeth they sanded down so I would not loose the integrety of my jaw I paid up front for the best lower dentures 2 years ago and have yet to receive the permanant one.

The temporary are so bad my mouth is not sitting well and all my top teeth are getting destroyed. They say they cannot do my permanent dentures they because it would be unethical to leave the rest of my mouth they way it is ( the way they made it b./c I did noy have thousands of money to complete their treatment plan plus exhausting all my dental insurance. I don't have that kind of money) in a way I know I'm being brain washed but they want $4,000 up front that they say my BC/BS will not pay. SOme one help.

I am 35 years old and I can't eat.

And in pain all the time. Any help please I need it.

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