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I paid Aspen Dental Over 5000.00 dollars for dentures I explained that I would be a different problem than others because I was Born a cleft pallet- hairlip.They didn't see a problem and proceeded. They charged me for surgical removal they never used 1 knife or made one stitch in my mouth.

They numbed them and yanked them out. The doctor said that I did.t even bleed enough to warrant goss pads I had the usual problems with fit and went back several times till they could soft line them.Same prob. I could not wear them. then the problems started.

I went in and complained to the tecknition when she went off on me . She proceded to tell me in a very rudeand obnocoous manner that she knew more than I did ( I am 72 years old and do not like being talked to like a child!) as upset as I was I went ahead and let her adjust my teeth '. Before I got out of town they were hurting again. I called and complained to management.

I requested to see the doctor next time. They made me another app.. This time the doc. was as rude as the tech had been.(THEY HAD MY MONEY AND COULD CARE LESS WAS THE IMPRESSION I GOT) I finally got the hard reline and thought that it would help.I It didn't .

Finally, called the office in Vancouver Wa. to see if they could help. I made an app. and went to them this did help a little.

( Forgot to mention that I live in Astoria Or. which is 52 miles from Longview and 90 miles from Vancouver) Then Covid 19 started and I didn't want to visit a dentist and probably would not been able to get in any way.

They proceeded to tell me that my warranty was expired (SO MUCH FOR SATIFACTION GUARENTEE0 ) I finally called a denturist in Warrenton Or (about 2 miles from home) in a small office that took him about 30 min. to make mt teeth where I could at least eat with them and wear them all day.

User's recommendation: I do not recomend anyone use Aspen Dental for any thing I beleve they RIPPED me off on price and service there warrenty is about as good as the ink they used to print it if I knew how and had the ambishion to sue them I woulld sue them if not at least for over charging surgical prices to yank out my teeth.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Non, Used to be concerned staff.

Aspen Dental Cons: Warrenty, Its aspen dental, Charged for services not needed and overcharged.

Location: 8101 NE Parkway Dr, Vancouver, WA 98662

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Boy, did you go to the wrong place to get a denture constructed for a cleft palate. Why did you think a sleazy corporate chain clinic would be a good place to have this complicated treatment done?

You are right. As soon as they got your money, all interest in completing the fabrication to your satisfaction vanished. Because there was no more commission for them. Don't worry, they got plenty of new sheeple- I mean people- entering the front door after listening to lying TV ads.

Not unusual for them to "upcode" procedures like turning simple extractions into surgical ones. Independent private practice owners have to depend on satisfying their patients to get new patient referrals. Vipers' nests like Aspen get all their new patients from advertisements.

They don't rely on patients like you referring you friends. As if you ever would!

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