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I went into Aspen dental a few weeks ago based on a friend who goes there for regular maintenance for her teeth - so I thought it can't be all bad. However, I need extreme work done on my teeth to include extractions and replacement of teeth.

First they did periodontal work which went well, they gave me the costs upfront. Which I thought was okay. So the extractions began yesterday - there plan was to take out 12 teeth in 2 hours. I have very HIGH ANXIETY and actually require meds for it.

I told them that several times and didn't take my meds prior because they never told me it was okay to take them prior. I get into the room where they do their "so called" surgeries. They began to numb me and left to go across the room to help another patient. I could hear everything going on with them and I am sure they could hear everything going on with me (HIPPA?)...

anyway, they procedure to extract the "worst teeth" first.. The dentist wasn't a very nice guy for one, for two, I began to feel extreme pail even holding the hygienist hand and knee, legs up in the air, telling them it hurt. They shot me up on the top of the mouth again and were working on the lower teeth and kept on going. It hurt so bad I had to tell them to stop so I could take a break because I was having a panic attack.

The dentist got angry and got up and walked away. A little bit later the hygienist came back in and said because of my anxiety I would have to have IV sedation next week. So, they needed to see if my insurance covered it... the financing is a whole other story - they have no idea what it will cost me but yet know my care credit limit increase.

Anyway, I walked away with only 3 teeth taken out. I am in pain - no pain meds, no antibiotics and confused about after care... I COULD GO ON about the whole experience but would take all day!

I will not go back again and will be looking for a new dentist and I honestly don't care how much it costs at this point - but I need REAL people working on my teeth who are EDUCATED and have a bedside manner to take care of me. I would never recommend Aspen to anyone!!!

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Sue their ***, but first file a complaint with your State Dental Board (Board of Dentists)


It gets worse...

they pulled 3 teeth my wisdom teeth on the right and a tooth right next to my bottom wisdom this morning i woke up sicker than snot and a headache to beat all h*** and my legs and arms etc were hurting terribly...

called quirt dental (a local dentist)for a second opinion went there had a 101 temperature and he said my extractions were severely infected... i only need five teeth out to include 2 wisdom teeth and he will save the rest of my teeth and give me real partials to wear asap Aspen Dental had me down to pull a front tooth and there is nothing wrong with it - I am thinking about suing...


Aspen is known for this type of behavior, poor practice, and their scam sales techniques. You can always file a complaint with the dental board or see an attorney.



I just came back from Aspen after having 8 teeth pulled and getting a denture. I hope I'm OK after this!

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