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I also needed a dental cleaning from Aspen Dental ! My insurance allows me a free cleaning there.

The same happened to me. They refused to just give me a regular cleaning stating I needed scaling because I had deep pockets. I asked how much and it was quoted at $1600! I told them I could not afford that and requested a regular cleaning as they are contracted with my insurance to give me a free cleaning yearly.

They refused again. I stormed out completely ticked off. I reported to my insurance company. Nothing ever happened.

I had more words with Aspen! Not nice ones. I finally went to another dentist 2 years later. He suggested I get a scaling, but he would do a regular cleaning if that's all I wanted.

Cost of scaling at local family owned dentist is $400 a side. Meaning both sides done only $800 total!!! Compare to Aspen Dental $1600 ! WOW!!!

Support local family owned business and screw Aspen Dental!! They are a big scam!

Read more reviews anywhere. None are good and all say the same.

User's recommendation: Boycott Aspen Dental!!

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So I guess you are more skeptical now about TV ads by professionals claiming what a lot of money you will save? Any dentist who has to advertise on TV is not worth a flip.

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