Union Dale, Pennsylvania
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Went to have a tooth pulled, they told me all of my bottom teeth had to be pulled.bad cavities in all my teeth especially my front teeth. Went to another dentist all my teeth are solid and just needed a cleaning.aspen was going to pull all my teeth just to sell me dentures. Do not go there!!

Reason of review: Lied about condition of teeth.

Preferred solution: Just want people to know not to trust them.

Aspen Dental Cons: Not trustworthy.

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This is truly amazing even to an experienced dentist like me. I had a college student come in that supposedly had 13 cavities planned for fillings by Aspen, and the cavities did not even exist.

But planning good teeth for extractions is a new low, even for Aspen. Aspen started long ago in Syracuse, New York as a yank-all-teeth-and put-cheap-denture racket. It is hard to shake this sleazy heritage.

Glad you got a second opinion. Would have been a shame to have been butchered and impoverished by this organized crime syndicate.