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I was at my apt 8 am July 10 2018 at Aspen dental Dewitt my for alignment for my dentures that was not made by them they where perfectly straight extremely white just needed a alignment they took my teeth told me to come back at noon when I Ve back at noon they place dentures in my mouth that where wider than small I went to my car sat down and look in the mirror and cried these are not my teeth the teeth itself were very big and off white not staying in place crooked went back in ask to speak to dentist instead the regional office manager greater me then the doctor came in I told them this is not my teeth showed doctor pictures of every smile that was in my cell phone these are my teeth not the ones you put in my mouth were are my teeth they told me the will realign I told them I want my teeth the regional manager would not look at my teeth in my photo they were playing mine games with me dementia me I am hurting so bad teeth are falling out my mouth they told me if it fits in your mouth there yours they look so cheap and cheaply made my dentures look just like my teeth glossy beautiful enamel looking and white extremely white and teeth were small especialy made for me by my employment dental office McAliff dental Aspen spoiled my wedding plans September 7 2018 the teeth they gave me are ugly can't get married with my teeth like this it's to much to write need to speak to a attorney please call me 3155728604

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It was a tad bit difficult to make out what you are complaining about, but I think you are stating that Aspen Dental gave you the wrong denture. It's very possible they did with the belief that you will have them remake you another denture "that fits properly." Read all the reviews and you will discover Aspen Dental is a RIP OFF corporation.


OMG . Like you typed all that with out breathing or something.

You need to learn what a period or coma is. Maybe the dental office didn't understand you because we certainly cant trying to read your comment. I seriously doubt they mixed your denture up with someone else.

There would be another patient wondering where there denture is and complain as well. 6 month warranty at the least so why not have then honor their warranty and return them?

to Brent #1519817

Brent, a coma is something you slip into after a brain injury. A comma is a piece of punctuation. Which did you mean?


Sweetie, it's so hard to understand your comments with no punctuation and misspelled words.


I guess you mean "reline" your dentures instead of "align" or "realign."Sometimes denture relines can be tricky. It probably wasn't wise to plan a reline right before a wedding.Can't believe a reline changed the appearance of your denture that much. Wouldn't have thought any dentist could mix up patient dentures, but with a clown club like Aspen, you never know.

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