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I called needing an appt bc I had a problem with a molar that bothered me very much. Came into the office and had about 16 xrays taken, Dr. Chadka came in for a total of 10mins, asked what bothered me. After I explained to him exactly what hurt and showed him, he looked at the xray and said I needed a root canal on it (never checked the tooth), also needed 3 cavities and scaling done.

After the office visit, he took me to the office manager to go over financing, their office wanted to charge me $1,895 for scaling, $355 for 3 silver fillings, and $1,800 for root canal and crown, bc my job does not offer dental insurance I found myself paying out of pocket and could not afford this. I opted to have the tooth removed due to cost (I should have gone somewhere else before it was too late)

Next day, I scheduled the extraction and went in feeling horrible bc I had to remove a tooth due to cost. Sat down and Dr. Chadka came in and asked me whether I was sure or not, I specifically said "yes, bc I can't afford to fix it and it's a *back* molar and no one will see it" so he continued to pull the tooth. In the car, I realize the gauze is not in the right spot and he pulled a tooth that was not bothering me but rather 2 teeth in front of it.

I went back in and demanded to speak with him. I told him that he pulled a tooth that was not bothering me and the one that is bothering me he did not fix. You would think as a professional with so much schooling he would have better bedside manners especially with someone who he just did work on and was not pleased, he continued to say that that was the tooth that needed a root canal (when actually the previous day he did not make mention of this tooth at all, only the one that *I* pointed out to *him*). I did not ask him to fix this tooth but rather the one that bothered me.

I left crying hysterically bc now I have a tooth missing (somewhere that I was not shown) and can not do anything about and a tooth that still hurts me terribly.

They truly DO NOT care about the patients that come in, they ARE only interested in the financial aspect of it and getting you to finance through their office, they DO over charge for services that you need (or may not need)... Needless to say, I did find a place that did a second opinion and they state that I did not need scaling on all my teeth (and even if I did the pricing is ridiculous), the root canal is questionable (being looked into by a specialist bc I did have the copies of my xrays), and they only found me to be needing 1 filling...

I am letting every site that I can possibly let know about this scandal and joke of a dental office, I am writing a letter to the BBB regarding this and depending on what the specialist says I will be looking into further legal options. Please take this advice and do not go to Aspen Dental, had I checked before going I would have known better!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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Something like that happened to me with JoAnn DiBella in Florida.


I am so sorry for you and your situation.

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