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I had to keep going back as the dentures never fit. I finally gave up and just used cushion grip until the dentures broke.

They told me my warranty doesn't cover dentures that fall and break on the floor. I went back when they repaired them and because I complained so much they cut the cost in half. They dentures they repaired still didn't fit and the dr told me there is nothing more they can do for me and I am DISMISSED. I can not come back anymore.

I asked about my warranty and they told me it wasn't their problem to call corporate. I tried corporate and they won't return my calls because I was dismissed ( no longer a patient).

So I gave them $ 1100..00 in full and I am stuck with dentures that I started with. Rude rude staff oh and they handed my dentures to me in a bag

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Are you kiddding me? This is Aspen Dental for you, SCAMMERS out for money, with no care for the patient. Go to small claims court in your state and sue them for the cost of the dentures.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #782824

If you buy a fine china plate and drop it on the floor at home and break it, can you go to the store and get a new replacement free?

You think not?

Well then why do you think you should be able to do that with a denture that costs 10 times as much?

I repair my patients' broken dentures all the time. It is no huge task, unless they tried to do it first with Super Glue, and messed it up. Why your office had such a hard time doing it right is not clear.

Next time, forget about a corporate chain dental clinic owned by investors instead of dentists.

Florida City, Florida, United States #719389

Just eat soup!

Winter Park, Florida, United States #675174

Honestly I wouldn't go to any ASPEN dentist because since this happen to me I have heard horror stories about other locations

Sarasota, Florida, United States #674603

is there anything about the Sarasota Fla office ?

to Deb2 Binghamton, New York, United States #863885

Suppose a lion mauls you in Kenya on a game preserve, and you narrowly escape death.

If you next travel to a game preserve in nearby Uganda, would you approach a lion, guessing that this lion would be different, just because it is in another country?

to Ayn Rand #868345

That is a *** and irresponsible analogy. Statements like that are why people fear all dentists because of one bad experience.

People are not lions.

People are capable of being schmucks, yet also capable of being good and honest. Generalizing an entire group based on 1 person is never an intelligent approach.

to Hanspiel1 Champaign, Illinois, United States #1257342

Yeah, and the PEOPLE who work for Aspen at EVERY location are under the same horrible pressure to overtreat patients, that even the HONEST ones buckle under to keep from getting fired. You have got to remember that almost all of Aspen's dentists are fresh grads with high student debt and will do ANYTHING to keep their job. Aspen is the biggest corruptor of young dentists in the US.

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