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Ive been trying to get a set of dentures since July with no dental work the person that does the moldings Ive had three sets of teeth I was in the office my last visit for three hours I called yesterday to tell them that I had to take my mom and stepdad he has to have open heart surgery and I couldnt be there all day today but the girl thats been doing my teeth was rude to me my last visit and I asked that she not take me in the back anymore or do anything with me so when I get there today theres four people there that they take ahead of me even though my appointment was before theirs and at 8:40 I told the receptionist that I had to go that my mom had to be in Cookeville by 10 oclock and then I had informed them of that she the receptionist some lady from the back come up and she said oh well then we can just reschedule your appointment because you dont want to see her youll just have to wait to get to the other side of the hallway when I made my appointment last month I told them that so I shouldve never had an appointment with her they have charged my car credit card theyre telling me I have a bill I have no product no teeth no nothing theyve done absolutely nothing for me but wasted my freaking time and then when I told them I was reporting them to the corporation She gonna look at me and be smart and say well thats OK then complaints coming to me and so its not gonna go anywhere

User's recommendation: Don’t go to Aspen dental.

Monetary Loss: $138080.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Front patient coordinators are unprofessiona, Staff.

Location: 2854 North Main Street, Crossville, TN 38555

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You went to a corporate shyster joint instead of an honest and independent dentist. You have to take all the crap they give you. Next time be more skeptical of stupid, lying TV advertisements.

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