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when I went to them I initially went to get 2 fillings. they immediately started with xrays, and then said I need this treatment and I had to pay up front, you pay up front for everything.

then they cleaned my teeth, and the next visit the lady over billing called me back first thing and said they cleaned my teeth too early so it was not covered so I paid for that. when I went back for the fillings I was told that I needed to put crowns on the teeth and not fill them. ok. the gave me a price and I had to pay half up front and half at the end.

when I went back to start the crowns, I sat there for 3 hours with an explanation that the dentist had something come up. then finally I was told that it was something else, not sure what but they suggested I probably should just leave so I did. when I went back he was there but not sure he was there?? he started the crowns and had someone else put the temp crowns on and I did tell him we were getting ready to go on a cruise so I did not want any problems.

they fell off before I got out of the parking lot so when I went back I told him he was expected to put them back on. he did and gave me glue to carry with me in case.! when I returned the other dentist was gone!!! and they brought in a retired one to finish and he was much better than the other but he was shocked when he asked the nurses for certain things and she said either they did not have them and never heard of them and I could tell he was in total shock as well.

he did put the crowns on and even though you cannot floss between them, they feel great. I had to pay over 700 dollars before they would put them on., final payment! now 2 months later I get another bill for 755.00 which I will turn over to a lawyer.

I have paid them more than they said the total would be already and they are still trying to get more money! this is the office in Tullahoma, tn so please beware of these people!


Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: i have paid up front the total i was suppose to pay, not 1 cent more!.

I liked: Dental assistants were always pleasant and kind, Front office staff ok.

I didn't like: Unprofessionable process that was going on.

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Next surprise: The made-in-a-Chinese-dental-lab crowns will break, or come off. Or you will need a root canal on both teeth and they will shatter being drilled through.Dentists come and go in these chop shops like flies on a fresh dog turd. While there, they want to earn the max commissions so treatment plan every possible thing they can and their staff collects up front, unlike every other dentists.You should avoid A$pen and other corporate clinics like it like the plague.

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