Germantown, Maryland

I went to the aspen dental in Gallatin, TN I had previous work done which they stated I would only have to pay $900.00 not to mention the salesman was very persistent and pushy he even went as far to tell me that his mother died of oral cancer since I had told him I could not afford the oral cancer screening and would have to take it off of the plan not to mention I the got a bill in the mail for 2,000.00 which kept acquiring more money due to late fees they even stated if I paid the late fee amount wouldn't matter since the least amount I could pay was $500.00 so the late fees kept adding up I finally paid it completely off it was close to 3,000.00 dollars needless to say I was not pleased.

I recently went back to aspen dental since I am experiencing so much pain that it is hard for me to eat or drink without experiencing sharp pains in my mouth which I explained to the dentist they stated that they didn't do the work it was a different dentist than the one that worked on my teeth he basically called me a liar and told me it was due to my bad hygiene which I don't have. He also told me to only call during times that aspen dental was open since I had called the emergency line due to the fact that I was in so much pain he was very rude I don't believe he knew what he was doing when he numbed me he ended up numbing my tounge then proceded to keep on doing the work even when I was crying I would put my hands up to get him to stop because I was in so much pain he would say wait I am almost done then when it was over he told me that I made it very hard for him to do his job and the reason I was hurting was due to bad hygiene.

He wouldn't prescribe me anything for the pain that I was in even though the whole time I was crying in the office and have made multiple calls due to the unbearable pain.

I even called the emergency hotline twice today and never received a call back needless to say aspen dental will never get my business again they have no sympathy for an individual in pain due to their negligence. I am getting a new dentist in Goodlettsville that actually cares enough to stop working on my teeth to numb them because I am in so much pain rather than saying stop I am almost done there lack of care, greed, and ripping people off have made me look for a new dentist.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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You should look for a new dentist. Because you made a big mistake going to a corporate chain clinic, where young and inexperienced dentists are under extreme pressure by investors to produce very high revenues.

Next time, go to a dentist who owns the practice he works in, and has a good reputation in the community.


Actually, many of these "corporate chain clinics" are privately owned by the doctors that work there. In addition, these doctors should actually be trusted more than any other dentist because they have to meet certain criteria in order to be a dentist with Aspen Dental.

They have to keep up with practices and certifications. In regards to meeting budgets, the budgets are set at a forecasted rate, and falling behind budget does not get one fired.

Other actions will come into play if not meeting budget is consistently occurring. Aspen Dental is a wonderful company to work for and has the most talented dentists in the country.