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Preface, two weeks before my daughterd wedding, i broke a two front tooth bridge.

Went to Aspen dental because I was desperate! They took an

X-ray, pull two front teeth, cleaning and temporary denture. $4500 dollars! They said they would discount a $1000, dental insurance would pay $1500. That leaves $2000 for me. Now... (I was desperate so I said sure) Let's review, first three items are well within the $1500 from insurance

The temp denture are advertised for $399 with a money back guarantee,! (PS, included x-ray)

Let's do a quick review,

$1500 for normal things

$2000 for temp denture (should be $399) Have gone back numerous times, temp was cutting my gums, so I took my dremal tool to smooth out. I put in fixodent numerous times to keep it in! And keep it from hurting. Still on soft foods!

So... I shouldn't owe them anything, right!???

PS, I am a 66 year old Vietnam vet with a 100% PTSD

How bad does it have to get!

PSS, just got another bill for $500!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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that's ridiculous..the bill is outrageous to start with and it's shameful and disgusting that any veteran should have to pay for any dental work...period! there's something seriously wrong with a system that lets this happen ..I'm sorry this has happened to you..dentistry is just another money scam...they charge what they want and no one questions it..just like insurance companies are a scam for money and banks are legally scamming money..but in your situation...being a veteran I think they owe you.. bunch of ***

to lucas #1580431

There is a land called North Korea where everything is provided free of charge. Of course it is abysmal quality, but it is free.

You seem distrustful of all private businesses. Perhaps the North Korean military needs so experienced military hands like you.

Free stuff of freedoms- you can have one but not both. Which do you choose?


Temporary dentures cost more like $600-800, NOT $399. A appreciate your service to our country.

I am a Beirut, Lebanon bet. I don't understand why you think you should have a special low fee just because you are a vet.

Incidentally, if you bill your insurance for the temporary partial, they will NOT pay anything toward your final partial, which will be more expensive. There is no way that Aspen will make a final partial that is worth a darn.

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