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IN SHORT , THESE/ some of these PEOPLE TRY TO PRETEND that I needed SERVICE that other doctors said no. You don't have gum disease etc why would they say that.

I learned and was told by Dr Oh that he does not know how to do some of the dentistry work. DON'T go here patients. His staff whomever on the phone even pretended he had 14 years of working and I learn after visiting that unprofessional Aspen office that this man just getting started with about five years by now. He gave me the run around and another doctor said whosaid you need that?

shocking... I said they might need money/ business (dental patients) there in that office. DR.OH AND HIS STAFF allowed after being told by me and an officer of excellent caliber about the thugs who were allowed to come in and harass me, slander me, and discussed -talked about the rape I endured from their friend are all making threats in harassing and slandering his patients. Dr.

took side with the thugs. I have read some bad reviews about this place. I was late reading. you read now.

Staff some of them laughed and indulged in the conversations with thugs by laughs and talks.. It is danger here with thugs being able to come inside and hang around like they did. Patients play it safe and DON"T GO TO THIS Dr.Oh's office. Thuggish and degrading and no telling what a low life thug would do inside of that office to you.

STAY AWAY> There are some good dentists you can go to .. Check the reviews and believe people's experiences. SO SAD , STAY AWAY FROM HERE IN mcDONOUGH -ASPEN, dR. oH'S OFFICE.

The doctor is in charge he can ask thugs not to come there especially after an officer explained the danger to him of lying and causing patient fears of the thugs./ Sick ...So upset I can not write it all. Retired, Ed.S.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Learn to put your patient first with respect and truth. A business without patients will not survive. You can read more about me on Linkedin/ Sonja Thorp Floyd,Ed.S..

I didn't like: Awful and ridiculous 9office in mcdonough, Dentist attitude or practice, Long waits and poor workmanship.

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The two that pointed no to this true review most likely work there or are friends. Patients will never pretend a place is all good when everyone that comes in contact with Aspen knows it is an awful place to be a dentistry office- the one in Mcdonough Ga.

Dr. Oh's office. Out to get money too I was amazed at the lies I was told for them to get money like they do most patients I have heard and read about.

Aspen Dental, go sit down and take several seats. Treat patients right and professional and protect your patients.


Thugs, supposed {{Redacted}}, and a dental office? Something doesn't sound right.


Bad place.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1350188

Even if they got the thugs out of the office, they would still have thugs employed in the office.

Come to think about it, "Thugs" is the best word you can use to describe A$pen owners and executive management. After all, "thugs" squeeze all the money they can out of victims, just like A$pen does to its victim-patients.

You stumble upon a gang house, you will likely be robbed. You stumble in an A$pen clip joint, and it is inevitable the same thing will happen.

The only surprising thing about your story is that Dr.

Oh had worked in dentistry for five years. Usually A$pen employs only desperate dentists right out of school, and they last only about a year before getting disgusted at the way patients are mistreated.

to Seasoned Dentist Bremen, Georgia, United States #1350205

Sorry, a Misunderstanding for you... Thank you for your comment.

I am not referring to the people that works in this Aspen Dental place as thugs. The thugs are the misbehaving etc guys I stated in the write up that comes in and take over slandering, harassing and degrading an individual etc.. This was explained to the manage & doctor. I know only what I experienced and I have read others that have experience some of it and worse.

The thugs are the ones coming in Not to be serviced but to degrade and slander etc. I am not repeating what is said. Just to make it clear if possible to you - I said allowed thugs- the thugs- the harassing guys that hangs outside to come in and clown etc.are thugs on patients. The thugs make patients afraid.

I will never call his people or doc a thugs because I don't know that. I do know that I was shown unprofessional behaviors etc that I found very difficult to accept coming from a dental office. Yes thugs came end and no telling how far a thug will go. Professionalism will take you far.

A business without patients or customers will NOT survive. Those thugs should have not been allowed after some staff were told of their lying and harassing.

Thanks Seasoned Dentist and the best to you. Good bye..

to Seasoned Dentist #1351139

Seasoned Dentist... I am calm now.

I re read your true comment statement. I thought you were accusing me. I am still crying about the awful experience but so many have said n now you know. thank you for your nice comment.

I am calm now

seasoned dentist. Good if you were here in Georgia ....I would let your office do my next teeth cleaning in 2018.

Stay happy. .


to sonya42ful Topeka, Kansas, United States #1351218

Sorry, but I think Kansas would be a little too far for you to go for dental treatment.

to Seasoned Dentist #1351233

sadly okay. yes Doctor , it would be. thank you.

to Seasoned Dentist #1352181

please Seasoned Dentist, glad you are anonymous. help!!!

I have a question...

I was just told an hour ago by a representative that he thinks my amendment has been violated. I wrote a review on Yelp about the over all and everything that happened bad in Dr.oh 's office and dr oh had it removed or his office manager. .Today , yelp sends me an email and that the doctor office lady, said that the review is under Dr. Oh 's name.

I think she/me wrote under the wrong doctor's name to get it removed. yelp removed it. dr oh ratings are already bad. So I was trying to forward the email to BBB they sent me and I have printed it saying...Dr oh -remove it, wrong doctor.

Yelp has moved it without asking me.. I am not and will never give the wrong review that's a suit. BBB said I think Aspen Dental not under the BBB. what to do?

I do already have two reviews still about him on yelp but manager asked me to remove it. Report yelp...I tried but did not come up for me to submit a review about what they just did.

Thank God for reviews... because those clowning doctors must be stopped.

to Sonya42ful Topeka, Kansas, United States #1353537

Yelp is an honest company that cannot be bought off with ads. A$pen had to lie to them to get it removed.

The BBB cannot do a thing.

It is a private rating agency.

Your gripe is with Yelp. If you are an experienced Yelp user, call them on the phone and tell them your story.

They are easier to get on the phone than most companies.

Or merely repost your review, or another. Eventually A$pen will get tired of contacting Yelp.

to Seasoned Dentist #1353588

Thanks. I did speak to someone and the person lady who works at yelp pretended that it was listed under the wrong doctors name.

I thought yelp could not be bought too and I don't definite know but aspen doc in such bad shape I believed that they beg to get it remove but everyone knows and sees the other bad reviews on Aspen.. Most educated and caring people who cares about their healthcare go other places on the internet and find the information anyway. I wish I had known in the beginning.

I will leave the reviews alone now with Aspen because I now know every I go someone mention don't go there. They will change the name to a new name.

to Seasoned Dentist #1391902

Seasoned Dentist you are amazing but I have documentation from them where they sent me an email and said they said I have posted the bad review of Dr. Oh under the wrong doctor.

They kept at it and YELP moved it. I was told to always keep those emails where YELP violated my right by removing a true review I had given to help people to beware medically before coming there. YELP is not respectable. Removing a consumers' review.

But it is listed BBB. read it..

Dr Abtin joined in and pretend he is not the right doctor. If I put it under the wrong doctors or slandered either one ---WHY THEY DID NOT TAKE ME TO COURT?

I think humans whether educated or not can tell, read and understandstand true statements. Those doctors were afraid because patients were aware and over 1500 views and more.

to Seasoned Dentist #1355728

Seasoned Dentist , you are an intellect. go and read my latest Article on LinkedIn profile.

It is What all educators should know. Sonja Thorp/LinkedIn



leave a good or bad comment about the Article I just posted with my team. REVIEW THE PROFILE..

to Seasoned Dentist #1359143

you are amazing. I just learned today that the guy started there in 2016.

And somehow they got on BBB but it states that they are not accredited.

Remember I said Oh doc had been there five years they told me that- and he has 14 years of experience. That office lied wow. I wish someone would take Oh under their wings and help him to succeed.

Strangely you stated if he has been there five years that is more than most stay in Aspen's business.

You scare me... you definite speak truth. I have found me a great doctor and he is seasoned. Very nice office.

Seasoned Dentist , I hope all is well for you. Sonya

to Seasoned Dentist #1391898

I made a big mistake after I got in touch with police. Dr.oh has NOT been 5 years.

Staff lied again.

he was new-1-2 years. Seasoned dentist you are very bright and experienced.

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