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Dentures not fitting and hurting my mouth.

I saw Dr Parker yesterday, she did a little adjustment on top plate. They are so poorly adequate They are thin(you can see through some parts). I will never go back. There 100 satisfaction is a joke They are them cheaply made. I will never go back again or recommend them.Dont use tucson az D
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  • Techs were helpful
  • To many dentist in one
  • To many

Preferred solution: I'd like them to pay for new plate somewhere else. and I will not give these back to them after paying over 5000 dollars

User's recommendation: don't go to the tucson az . They are not the 100% satisfied is a joke.

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Tuscon or Timbuktu, any Aspen will be a sleazy scam outfit run by Wall Street hustlers. They are all cut from the same greasy mold.

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Was ask to complete survey

I came in to have extractions and get implants. I saw Dr. J (I can't remember his name) he referred me to an oral surgeon. He was honest and upfront when he told me that he didn't have the experience that's going to be needed in my case. I will admit that I was aggravated and upset that it was going to be another set back and dragging out time that I don't have and I apologize that I was curt with him. So I got an appointment with Etown oral surgeons for full mouth extractions, 5 upper bone grafts and placement of 2 upper and 2 lower implants for 3/9/23 So I came back to Aspen to have the impression made for a healing immediate denture that they were going to put in the day of surgery. So you guys have 3 types of dentures you sell. The basic, the classic and the comfylite. I have southern States Team Care Local Union health, vision and dental. The dental is managed by Humana. Humana pays 100% for the basic denture but out of the 3 you have, the comfylite is the only one that is implant compatible, so technically that makes the comfylite the basic denture for implants. When the insurance received the predetermination, the code used for billing was for the basic with an upgrade to comfylite. So humana automatically thought that I chose to upgrade since they didn't know that it was the only denture they could use. So jennifer called humana and gave them the 4 codes that Aspen uses to bill and humana told her that they weren't in their system. I contacted Team Care several times explaining and asking for a code they recognize that would not say upgrade because with that word, humana would leave me with $1,200 to pay. I just kept getting the same thing said over and over. "We can't give them the code to use since that would be considered coaching" and I kept repeating that there wasnt any point in doing that because they wouldnt pay the 100 % with the code you have. So finally I ask for an escalation Supervisor. When she read all the dashboard messages etc she said that I shouldn't have had to be put threw all this crap and that she was going to call Humana and tell them that they needed to do whatever it took to get my mouth fixed. So Humana called Jennifer to discuss how to bill them so that they would pay correctly. Humana ask Jennifer to fax them a predetermination while they were on the phone so that she could give Jennifer the amount that they would pay but for some reason, Jennifer wouldn't do it. I had an appointment and had my impression for the healing immediate denture made. The next appt was scheduled for 3/3/23 for ? More impression stuff I guess. I received an email the day before my appointment saying they needed to talk to me ASAP. So I called and about fainted when Jennifer said that since I had filled out a form just like this one that was text to me and complained about the other Jennifer and that Humana told her during their call that I had filed a complaint against Aspen for not knowing how to bill them, they felt that my being a patient wasn't a good fit and they were dismissing me from their care! WHAT?? First, I never ever filed any complaints against Aspen with Humana. I have done nothing wrong. My health is getting worse the longer I have this mouth full of infection but that doesn't concern your Dr. He is a PPO Provider for Humana, therefore he is held to Humana's higher code of conduct, which he abandoned when he chose to refuse me treatment for Absolutely No Reason. Humana has denied that they told Jennifer that I filed a complaint against Aspen and they are also concerned with the way I was personally treated by this office and forcing me to have to start over with another provider, which is almost unbearable considering the pain I have on a daily basis. Humana pointed out that even if I were a big trouble maker, you were just going to have to see me on the 3rd then again on the 9th so they feel like there's more to this and ask if I would allow them to look around a little. And since Jennifer said that one reason was because I filled out this survey and voiced my concern with the other Jennifer. They said that is clearly retaliation. Being a nurse for over 30 years, I've seen enough of that to have to agree. Of course retaliation or whistle blowing has a strict Zero tolerance policy. One more thing I'd like to address is that the day Jemnifer said I was being dismissed as their patient, I begged her Please dont do this! She promised to talk to her supervisor and her doctor again about it but instead, she was busy cancelling my financing that was already paid to you for my denture. I want yo state for the record that I didn't deserve this, I didn't ask for this and I don't want the insurance companies to have to investigate. Thats not who I am but my well being is of no interest to this office and the distress they have carelessly caused me is inexcusable so hopefully the outcome will prevent this garbage from happening to someone else that's depending on you to save their life.
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User's recommendation: Don't do this to yourself

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You are wrong about one thing. Prostituting Providers are the Human list are NOT "held to a higher standard." The are the most desperate dentists out there that nobody would want to go to.

That is why they stoop to signing a PPO contract. Look, you go to a dentist on any insurance list and most of the time it will be a second or third rate dentist. You tried to cheap out on dentists, and got what you deserved. Dentures are one of the hardest things we dentists do.

Implant dentures are even harder to do right. No chance a flunky new grad who works for Aspen will do a good job at it. You were very unwise to have all your teeth extracted.

You know that implants can fail and fall out, don't you? You know implant dentures require a lot of maintenance, right?

Bobbie M Qsp

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Failed Bone Graft Procedure and Extra Charges

Updated by user May 08, 2023

I have called the Aspen Headquarters Office in Syracuse, New York about 7-8 times since this happened and I left numerous messages. I have not received one phone call back to help get this situation resolved.

Original review May 08, 2023
To Whom It May Concern: On the date of service above (4/20/23), I had a tooth extraction and bone graft completed by Dr. Darcy Allen at the Delta Dental in LaVale, MD. The extraction was successful; however, during the bone graft procedure, Dr. Allen remarked several times how she was having trouble completing the suturing of the bandage. The bandage was not sutured correctly and my empty socket became extremely infected and abscessed, causing me extreme pain. I called the emergency number since it was after hours five times before I ever received a call back from the on-call dentist, which was Dr. Allen. She called back close to 10 p.m. telling me there was nothing she could do for me and that a dry socket is normal. When I asked to please prescribe pain medication as I was in the most intense and excruciating pain I had ever experienced, she said she could not. I could not get back in with Dr. Allen to fix the bandage until she returned from being out of town that following Tuesday (four days after the procedure). On the day before that (Monday 4.23), Dr. Howard Strausss office called saying they had a cancellation and asked if I could come in. I was off work from being in such intense pain (I missed 3 days all together because of this dental nightmare.). I ended up coming in and he said my mouth was a mess. He completed an irrigation procedure and a few days later, he completed a second procedure completely removing all of the failed bone grafting material and filling my empty socket with a bandage soaked in clove oil which greatly reduced my pain. I am writing this email to request a refund of my $436 back that I paid out of pocket to Aspen Dental in LaVale, MD on the date of my procedure (4/20/23). A few days ago, I received a bill from my insurance (Delta Dental) requesting that I pay $631.60 for the dental work completed on the date of service 4/20/23. There was no record on that bill that I paid Aspen Dental $436 that day, out of pocket, although I have the receipt to prove it. I was told by a receptionist at Aspen Dental that I would not have to pay any other fees out of pocket, as the rest of the procedure was covered by my insurance. That was not the case. I have tried calling your headquarters numerous times to discuss this terrible situation with no luck getting through to a human. I have left several messages and nobody has called me back. Please call me to discuss this at my cell number (304) 790-****. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, BM
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  • Dental hygentist
  • Missing 3 days of work
  • Paying 436 and them telling me i would owe nothing else
  • Having to call the emergency number 5 times

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Only go here for cleanings, nothing else.

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Well, it is rare that socket grafts fail, but sometimes they do, especially in smokers. When they do, the dentist has to flush it out like any other dry socket and pack it with dry socket paste to lessen the pain.

Then I usually redo the graft, sometimes free, sometimes for the cost of materials.

To have a graft fail is not crime. But it happens rarely.

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Rip off!!