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Three Unwarranted cancellations by the Blue Ridge facility.

They cancelled us the first time due to untrained & unavailable hygienist. The second time was because though our appointment was confirmed by corporate with our new phone numbers the office informed us they tried to contact us but had only the old phone numbers. We had personally stopped by the Blue Ridge facility & told them the new numbers. How could they have texted us a confirmation on the new number when if the only had the same old. Our next appointment was on Thursday, the 28th of this month. They called us on Monday the 25th & ask if we could make it there in one & a half hours for a 5 & 6 oclock cleaning because the hygienist was going to have an emergency on the 28th. We were out of town & no way we could make it in time for our cleaning. Also, the receptionist or caller seemed a bit snarky. Total breakdown in reliability & efficiency.
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  • Nice building
  • Take all insurance but are unreliable

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Don’t go unless there is a major change somehow made evident.

Cassandra Pxq
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My husband has a serious infection...sent home with NO ANTIBIOTICS

Aspen Dental - My husband has a serious infection...sent home with NO ANTIBIOTICS
Aspen Dental - My husband has a serious infection...sent home with NO ANTIBIOTICS
Updated by user Nov 01, 2014

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Fourth and Final Page call center tried the Doctor on call directly @ 4:00 am Saturday, November 1st and there was no answer.

She then informed me that theres was no longer anything she could do for me my optio...

Original review Nov 01, 2014
My husband called me on his lunch break and asked me to make him an appointment to have a tooth pulled. I called and he had his tooth pulled @ 3:00 on Thursday October 30, 2014. The doctor told him that since the tooth was the source of infection he would not need any antibiotics and was only given Norco for pain. Needless to say when he woke up Friday October 31, 2014 for work his entire left side of his face all the way down his jawline and into his neck is swollen 3 times as it was when he laid down for bed. I called Aspen at 1:00 pm Friday the 31st and seriously had to plead with the dentist to please fax some type of antibiotic to our pharmacy. I explained to him that my husband's face and neck was severely swollen and the pain he is having is beyond that of your typical extraction. He insisted that this swelling is normal and that he didn't need antibiotics because the tooth was gone. After a few more minutes of explaining his symptoms they finally agreed to fax the prescription for him. I gave them the name of the pharmacy as well as the phone number. Thanked them and hung up. Well several hours later, I called my pharmacy to find that they never sent anything for my husband... Who as of right now cannot move his neck and has a temperature and feels weak and faint... I am so angry and I would like some advice as to what I should do from here...I called the emergency line 4 times and was hung up on at least one time on purpose, put on hold and the call was disconnected once. And am currently waiting for a call back from a Doctor supposedly within a 20 min time frame, I'm not going to hold my breath though.
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  • Holly
  • Not getting appropriate medication
  • Left with a serious infection
  • Being lied to
Reason of review:
medical neglect

Preferred solution: Full refund


If he was that infected he should have been taken to the ER of the closest hospital. There's no shame in going there if he needed it.

I had a wisdom tooth extraction and just told to bite down on a gauze. I woke up in the middle of the night soaked in blood and that's because I'm on blood thinners. Blood was everywhere so we called a private ambulance company and the ER nurses and doctors were very nice and eventually stopped my bleeding inside my mouth.

I felt like a baby going there but they didn't make me feel like a crybaby. I went home 2 hours later.


If all the people that had dental infections went to the ER, all the ERs in the USA would be swamped. Going to the ER just because one has a dental infection would be ridiculous.

Anyone on anticoagulants should go off them for a couple of days before extractions.

I refuse to do extractions all the time because of this. Moral of the story is to take good care of your teeth if you are on serious meds.


Patients on blood thinners should be told to skip the dose for two days before having any dental surgery. Virtually every hematologist and internist I consult with tells me to do this with my surgical patients. Were you informed of this before your extraction?


Similar situation for me. Exposed root, infection, teeth extracted, had to request antibiotics before leaving.


Exposed root is what caused me to lose my tooth……..well when the dentist instructed his hygienist to seat and seal a permanent crown over an nerve my poor tooth never stood a chance. Since Aspen Dental gets away with their smash and grab crimes my only legal way to vent my frustration was to create Boycott Aspen Dental.

I hope your situation improves. Stop by and say hi on Facebook.

We are the “real” ADMI lol. Aspen Dental Mass Invasion; TAG You’re It!


I have to have antibiotics before I went because of the blood thinner I'm on. They won't take me if I forget to take them.


Being on blood thinners has nothing at all to do with needing antibiotics. People with artificial joints and heart valves need to premedicate. Also those with compromised immunity.


They shouldn't have even pulled his tooth while it was infected! He should have been given antibiotics first, then had the tooth pulled the next week when the infection was gone.!! Sounds like negligence to me.

@Myrical Ejs

*** This is an old wife's tale. The fastest way to get rid of an infection is remove the source of the infection.


The best way to treat an infection was to take arythmotricyn 2 hours before the extraction. When I got there they asked me if I medicated and I said yes and she went to work right away and before you know it, the tooth was gone and so was the infection.

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Bobby O Xzg

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ASPEN DENTAL VERO BEACH stole our $, lied about treatment plan, and refuses to produce dentures we've PAID IN FULL for

ASPEN DENTAL VERO BEACH stole our $, lied about treatment plan, and refuses to produce dentures we've PAID IN FULL for
Updated by user Apr 02, 2023

CONSUMER BEWARE. As of this posting, along with reporting Aspen Dental Vero Beach to FL Dept of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs they have done absolutely nothing to remedy their wrongdoing and make our family whole again. On the contrary, we received a passive...

Original review Feb 23, 2023
RE: ASPEN DENTAL EGREGIOUS NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, BAIT AND SWITCH It is now fifteen months since our initial encounter with Aspen Dental of Vero Beach FL. My disabled spouse, having been denied the completion of his treatment plan is still forced to use this (broken in half) temporary partial that requires constant gluing at home in order to speak, chew, or swallow. (SEE EXHIBIT A). At the onset of our relationship with this provider, in November 2022 my husband (a.k.a. Mr. O) met twice with Dr. F. Cumplido when seeking to save as many of his own teeth as possible using both dentures and implants only to have Dr. Cumplito leave the location altogether the week of scheduled surgery. A new dentist was assigned but her treatment plan included the removal of all of his teeth instead, resulting in full dentures. This change warranted several meetings with both the new dentist as well of Office Manager James Russell. One of the selling points of this alternate plan was that it was would be far less expensive and that the entire balance could be placed on a Care Credit account. On November 8, 2021 we recapped the final cost with Manager James ($6499 less our $1000 deposit to equal $5499 balance, all told) of which we reconfirmed several times would be the absolute final price. I expressed to James that we had read many recent bait and switch reviews online from Aspen. His reply, several times was Relax, this is the bottom line, your grand total from start to finish. He highlighted the attached invoice (SEE EXHIBIT B) balance in yellow marker. Mr. O had his entire set of teeth extracted, waited out the six months required (to allow mouth to heal before denture fitting) and was given a flimsy temporary partial to use in the meantime. During this waiting period he was hospitalized on three occasions, developed heightened cardiac and GI complications and lost 40 pounds. He was forced to abruptly leave the workforce in February 2022 as he is now permanently disabled, still fighting to regain strength and weight at the time of this letter. Upon our first visit back to Aspen Dental Vero Beach the entire office staff, including James had been replaced by a new office staff and Mr. Os visit to fit his long awaited permanent dentures was denied due to a mistake that previous office manager (James) allegedly made in our account billing. We returned on two additional occasions in August 2022 at the suggestion of new office manager Diana (allowing time for them to work it out). We were handed an additional invoice (see EXHIBIT C) in the amount of $1617.75 with the explanation that James has left us with terrible mistakes here, including this one. Every day I cry over customers that scream at me about problems James made. I understand your frustration but unless you pay this, you cant have the dentures made. An argument ensued and Mr. Os cardiac arrhythmias flared up, bringing him back into the ER along with multiple stress induced Cardiology visits thereafter. We wrote letters to Aspens Corporate office (see attached) and over a month later the REGIONAL Manager (replacing former female) called on Oct 30, 2022, offering to cut the (erroneous) bill in half and ultimately hung up the phone on us. No further calls or emails have been answered, and we are (unequivocally) unwelcome at the local Aspen Dental office. Meanwhile, Mr. O cannot chew solid food, smile or relax due to the painful, broken partial that he is being strong-armed into settling for, now broken in half requiring DIY repairs with glue, during a time that is imperative he consumes a greater daily calorie intake. The mere mention of this practice now brings immediate, unnecessary anxiety and heart palpitations at a time when my husband has barely escaped death and desperately needs peace and proper nutrition - BY CHEWING!!! We are appealing to you to take record of this egregious conduct by Aspen Dental of Vero Beach (R Dustin Dixon DMD Holdings, PLLC) for breaching duty of care, breaching contract and bait and switch tactics still used on us today, even after their recent class action lawsuit ruling for same. Mr. O*** needs and deserves to be using the dentures that he has paid for over a year ago, without further delay. Aspen Dental continues to deprive Mr. O of the full set of dentures that we have paid for, in full, since Nov of 2022. This patients' health remains severely compromised as a direct result of Aspen Dental of Vero Beach's gross negligence/bad acts. ****AVOID THIS PRACTICE AT ALL COSTS****This practice has a PLETHORA of unhappy, discontent and poorly treated patients that post numerous, regular complaints throughout our community's social media, local news and consumer advocacy forums. Aspen Dental of Vero Beach runs local TV commercials making promises that, at this location, are the antithesis of such claims. They are indeed CROOKS that will undoubtedly soon be faced w/ serious sanctions. Stay clear!!!
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  • Bait-and-s
  • Deception
  • Incompetent management

Preferred solution: Full refund



I am so sorry I got screwed to $8,676 I went for Snap on had the exam and x-rays with Teresa Mathew the Dentist then met with financial services they said total cost $15,067 my portion $8,676. so I paid my part and had my teeth extracted.

After months of healing I get back in for fittings. So I am at a fitting and the Dentist is on vacation and I ask when do you put the posts in for the Snap on ? She looked at the computer and said no you didn't pay for that!! I thought she was crazy the Dentist knows my plan all I have to do is talk to her.

So she comes back I make an appt and she comes in saying Donna I am so sorry I am so sorry I said WHAT!! She said I am sorry there is nothing more I can do for you?? I said are you going to st least going to finish the Dentures in my mouth and she says I am sorry there is nothing more I can do!!$ I was in shock I am looking at a Health care provider and she is just standing there!! No explanation.

The only one could be is she screwed up and didn't care enough to fix her error or she deliberately ripped me off.. I want my money back for the month gaurds I never received


Dang, that is really sad to hear. It sounds like it has caused a lot of stress for your both and pain for your husband, no one deserves to be treated like this.

I've never gone with Aspen Dental of Vero Beach, but I can relate to your situation.

I had a similar experience with another dentist, and I ended up finding a new dentist at I'd recommend looking around for a new dentist.


Finding a dentist through a for-profit referral service is the epitomy of folly.


Don't know if you know this, but the Massachusetts attorney general fined Aspen for the SECOND time in 10 years for these sort of shenanigans. This is a very crooked company, as are most corporate dental chains. With all the choices in dental care, I wonder why you went there.


We have been made aware of this, as well as a recent DOMESTIC VIOLENCE arrest of the locations owner in Vero Beach. Extremely disturbing. Thankfully there are advocates that are coming forward to assist in forcing them to not only cure, but incur sanctions for their wrongdoing.


Unfortunately, we were extremely vulnerable and did not have ample opportunity to "shop around" as much as we normally would have. A tragedy had just occurred with his (then current) dentist, who sadly took his own life right in our dental office less than a mile away.

We were extremely traumatized, and desperate for long awaited help.

The officer manager (we didn't know that GlassDoor managers of past post that "I needed no experience to come onboard", etc.) pitched a great solution and deceptively gained our trust...until we paid (lots) in full. Then, like many others including dentist, he made his exit.

@Bobby O Xzg

Nobody wants a career at Aspen long-term. Their goal is to make as much money and gain as much skill as quickly as they can, then search for a better job. Nobody with a conscience can work for a crooked joint like Aspen for long.

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Absolutely worst experience of my entire life!