They put novacain around my anus. Then pulled the tooth it didn't numb my mouth my butt was asleep for weeks.

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Aspen dental made a denture for me. It popped loose when I was eating and swallowed it. It got lodged in my anus and they had to go digging for it.


HAAAA!!!!!!!! I peed my pants when I read this. good job aspen.


I want to get my *** bleached. will aspen do it for me?

to Anonymous #901901

I don't see why not. Aspen always has people bent over with their pants down anyway.


that's what u call a deep filling! rectal ramming?

Dallas, Texas, United States #842564

My butt itches.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #837635

that must be some good stuff. where can I get inline for some of this novuscain stuff. did they give you any to take home with you?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #836537

Wow if Aspen Dental will lower themselves to childish remarks, when anyone who reads the comments from the two that were posted are blatantly false I don't think I would want to use their services.

to RJ Tampa, Florida, United States #837626

False or not, this isn't the first time aspen will have been viewed as complete clowns

Syracuse, New York, United States #835637

Hi anonymous , I am very sorry if you have had a poor experience with your anus. We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this further.

Would you mind giving me and update on your anus by giving us a call at 1-866-273-8606 at your earliest convenience? Please ask for Jane upon calling and leave your debit card number.

We'd like to make sure we charged you for the Novocain and resolve these concerns to your complete satisfaction. - Thank you, Amanda

to Aspen Dental Chicago, Illinois, United States #836810

Hello RJ, I am very sorry that you were exposed to this post. We assure you it was not written by Aspen Dental.

We have solicited for removal of this chain and are looking into this further.

We hope you will consider choosing Aspen Dental if you are in need of care. - Thanks and regards, Amanda

to Aspen Dental 1 #1197847

Not a chance you quacks. I don't want anything in my anus when I go to the dentist!

to Aspen Dental Chicago, Illinois, United States #904051

We at aspen are so tired of people posting bad reviews about our terrible treatment of people and telling the world about the horrible truth about our *** clinic. We will find and destroy all of you. -- Thanks and regards, Amanda

to Aspen Dental 1 #1362960

Then treat the people right...It is such a simple concept. Everyone there is money driven.

I cannot tell you how any reviews I have read on employment sites about how employees there cannot sleep at night because of the horror they see there.

Could be you have not been there long enough or are just on hard ***.

I dare you to go not to your Aspen clinic but another....complain of a sore tooth and see what they put you through. So girly girl do not talk about what you do not no

Kittrell, North Carolina, United States #835447

Yeah me to. I was put to sleep to get my wisdom teeth pulled and woke up and my behind was sore.

I called the next day and they said it was a routine protate exam w/no lube!

What is this all about? I am currently sueing them for malpractice.

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