Pgh.,Pa. office North Hills on Mc.Night Rd.I recently went to this office because I`m suffering with 2 need root canals.

They scheduled me an appointment and gave me an antibiotic and pain medication that only last me about a week.I went back to get more medicine because I`m in excuciating pain.Their doctor Anna Hammbleton Cahall refused to give anymore pain medication and followed it up with a lie about not authorized to give me more or she would get in trouble. This is untrue. I guess they think I`m ***.I know a doctor who let me know that she could have gave me more medication plus on the bottle it says Refills require authorization!I was told to take some over the counter medicine.I told them it simply does not work,they still refused to do anything.I called their emergency number an explained the situation to them.They called back and said they talked to the doctor at this office and instructed me to call them when they open to get me in there that day.I called them and was turned down again.I told them what their emergency staff said, but the girl I talked to had the nerve to say "I don't know what they said. That was very offensive to me because basically she is calling me a liar.

Plus I find out they only have 1 doctor who does root canals and he was is on vacation and won't be back until that following thursday which is the day of my appointment. i ended up going to these Dental Specialist who took care of my need. They performed the 2 root canals plus gave me medication for pain!

I praise The Lord for this Dental Firm. They took care of a problem Aspen Dental REFUSED to take care of!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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