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After having my cleaning delayed because they had lost their hygienist, I finally got back to back appointments for our cleaning with my son with a new hygienist. She took me back and proceeded to tell me about my deep pockets, which have been well preached to me in the past.

I do plan on getting an implant bridge on the worst side in 2019. Well, she said she and the dentist (who is new also and I never saw), read my chart, looked at my xrays and said they were referring me to a periodontist. I declined, as I'm having the worst ones removed next year. She refused then to clean my teeth.

No choice to sign an informed refusal, nothing. It was periodontist or nothing.

I walked out, cancelled my son's cleaning and will never return. So much for patient's bill of rights at Aspen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you are smart, you will find an honest independent dentist in your community and not another corporate gyp joint. And if that dentists recommends a referral to a gum specialist, I hope you will go.Whatever you do, I would not let a *** outfit like A$pen do either implants or an implant bridge on you.Don't understand why you would subject a precious child to a investor-owned chop shop like A$pen either. That almost constitutes cruelty to children.

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