I felt like it was all about the money and didn't seem to relay care about what real good been done ,it seemed like they could consolte about what relay should be done to make the patient right and satisfied not depressed about what relay should been done now I can't get out of my head but they sure got my money and my teeth that could been correct with the treatments and now I have a real crooked partial which I really hate dentist

I felt like was at a butcher and , I should walked away now my head is all screwed up and I am so depressed and now I have to see a doctor for my depresstion and not a happy man . Thanks to asspen dental

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #842448

This is always the horrible results people get when the go to Aspen. Aspen is unethical, immoral and the worst kind of thieves.

Taking advantage of people when they are down. screw these idiots at aspen.

Florence, Alabama, United States #842437

I have the same problem except my partial broke too. Now I have no teeth

Boise, Idaho, United States #842168

It is very important to find trustworthy professionals for your treatment. What made you choose this clinic?

Certainly it was not their reputation for honesty or competence.

Chances are, you believed silly TV ads, or you went there thinking you would save a ton of money.

If you indeed have good evidence that something was done wrong, please make a complaint with your state board of dentistry. You can use that as leverage to get some of your money back.

Any money you get back won't be as valuable as the lesson you learned: NEVER to patronize corporate chain dental clinics owned by private equity investors rather than dentists.

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