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While searching for a new dentist,

I came across this "Pissed Consumer Post" and started reading. These reviews are targeting Aspen Dental. The only reason I'm writing about this is because I smelled a Rat..and wanted to get my suspicion out there for you to read. Let me explain... I do not have an opinion about Aspen Dental one way or another. I couldn't care less about what this anonymous person says in his or her reviews about Aspen. After reading some of these reviews I'm almost positive that the reviewer...although anonymous mostly... sounds like its the same person giving these horrible reviews over and over..acting like it is all different people. Yes all of his complaints are very similar....that's not unusual. What is more obvious to me, is his/ her horrific use of the English language! OMG...! Sounds like a Brooklyn Gangster *want to be on Meth...! On *** because he rambles on and on...forever..!

I don't claim to be great with English myself ...but my God...if you set out to write a long *** review then at least try to sound half way intelligent. In one review or two, he poses as a he calls it a regular type Dentist.. Not a hot shot corporate dentist... like the kind running the place now...he says. Mr Anonymous must have really got burned somehow by the Corporate Big Wigs running the show now...

I'd also like to mention that I do not know or want to know our Aspen reviewer. I guess i had some time to kill...and I really do not like when people try to sound very educated but aren't pulling that scam off. To put it in words you can understand... use smaller words that you can spell and keep your reviews short and sweet.. In closing I'd like to extend to all of you out there reading this... my apologies...and to Mr. anonymous try SpellCheck.. and ease up off of that pipe ; )

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Well Mr. Educated SmartyPants, you just ignore what us ignorant regular folk ("rats" as you call us) say and march over to Aspen for treatment.

See for yourself. Some people gotta learn the hard way.


Sadly, A$pen's customer base consists of many uneducated and/or unsophisticated consumers. Those are EXACTLY the type of people most susceptible to TV advertisements that are con jobs.

Educated people know full well to steer clear of health professionals advertising on TV.I worked for a 1st generation corporate chop shop decades ago and lasted 1.5 years. Never again!Weekly in my private practice in Topeka I see patients who have been fleeced by inappropriate or incompetent treatment by these illegal corporate dental mills, A$pen being by far the worst.

(Fined by FOUR state attorney's general already!) It makes my blood boil. We health professionals swear an oath to care for patients, not mistreat them and empty their wallets to please Wall Street investors.If you could walk in my shoes for one week you would vomit at the site of corporate clip joints.The fact that many of these poor patients are not well educated and make mistakes in grammar does not detract from the truth of what has been done to them!

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