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Cancellation of Appointment

I had an appointment for a check up and cleaning for 7/10 at the Rome, NY Aspen Dental. This appoint was cancelled due to the fact that they did not have a Dental Hygeneist.

They rescheduled me for a 1/29/19 appointment which means I will be without a cleaning and a check up for one entire year. This is not acceptable. I have been a patient for a long time.

Can I schedule an appointment at another local Aspen Dental in Utica, NY and still be covered by my Cigna DHMO insurance plan? My teeth need some attention now.......

Please reply!!


New partials

I recieved my new flexible partials today and they dont fit, i called to get them adjusted and i would have had to wait 2 weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to get alittle curt and said i would stop payment on the check i wrote out, I got an appointment for 12 noon tomorrow, but will have to wait.

My teeth are payed for and you say satisfaction is guaranteed, well I'm not satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What will be my next road to take?




why no acti0nsonthisquestion?


warranty refund

4/ weeks and no contact or refund where to go next?


Dental implants

The East York, Pa office won't finish the work, because the Dentist Dr. Williams isn't there anymore and I deserve the treatment I'm in pain implants need to come out...please help resolve...



how long does it take to get your dentures ?


Can I get my 2wk. old dentures done over and at the Oxford location near home.

I don't like my smile (too much teeth and dentures crooked and/or mouth). My first set after teeth extraction looked like my smile.

They where from another dentist that I couldn't get in contact with for my realign (hometown family dentistry). I live in bynum,17mins. away. I went to Aspen's trussville location ( 1hr.away), because I had family coming in town that weekend and I was going to my parents house in trussville and Aspen had an appointment available that day and thought I might have been able to get them same day or at least a temporary repair on mine until my new dentures where made.

I had to continue driving back to trussville for 4 more appointments/2 1/2 wks.because they said it wasn't possible to use your Oxford location in the middle of your 4 visit proceedure.

I have paid in full for the upper($450.00), I'm having to save up for the lower( $2211.20). Thank you.



My husband got a loan to get work done through aspen dental. You guys got paid in full but he never got any work done besides a root canal. Why can't he get the rest of that back if it's just sitting there?.


You do not understand these people are horrid. If you have that kind of money to throw away do so ...If you have to fight for it do so as I am sure you paid for a whole lot more then you know.

Why if you knew he was getting a root canal only would you pay for other things and if you look at your bill you bought a toothbrush and a whole bunch of other ***.

They have a return policy on the website and I would think they have to comply with at least that, but thats questionable because states that have had moderate success with the States attorneys office coming to the consumers defense via suit are singled out. So the states attorney is where I went. My thought If you were looking for cheap dental care, can you really afford even on principle to pay them for services not rendered. God not me.

I copied the policy for what is worth

You may discontinue treatment and request a refund at any time for any amount that you paid for treatment that you did not receive; provided, however, crown and bridge patients are responsible for the full cost of their treatment plan once preparation of your teeth has begun.

Your refund request will be handled as follows:

Original Form of Payment. Refunds will be processed to the original form of payment, except cash payments will be refunded by check.

Seven Days of Inactivity – New Patients. If you are a new patient who has had no treatment performed, has no scheduled appointments and has a credit balance on your account, after seven days of inactivity you will automatically receive either (a) a notice that you are entitled to a refund if you paid by cash or check or (b) an automatic refund to your original form of payment if you paid by credit card or with third party financing. 60 Days of Inactivity (*Massachusetts patients see below).

Credit balances existing on accounts after 60 days of inactivity will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment, except cash/check payments, which will be notified by letter. *Massachusetts patients. Credit balances existing on accounts after 45 days of last deposit with no future appointment will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment, except cash/check payments will be notified by letter. Credit balances existing on accounts of denture patients after 45 days of inactivity will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment, except cash/check payments, which will be notified by letter.

180 Days of Inactivity (Partial Denture Patients Only). Credit balances existing on accounts after 180 days of inactivity will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment, except cash payments will be refunded by check. Timing of Refunds Cash/Check: After receiving your refund request, we will confirm that your payment has cleared the bank (may take up to 15 business days). Once cleared, you will be issued a refund check within ten (10) business days (five (5) business days for Massachusetts patients).

Credit Card/Third Party Financing: Refunds will be issued to the form of payment within three (3) business days after receipt of your refund request. If you paid by credit card, it may take up to seven (7) business days for the credit card company to post the payment to your account. How to request a Refund Contact your office and request a refund Email a refund request to: Mail a refund request to: Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

Attn: Refund Processing P.O. Box 3126 Syracuse, NY 13220 Social Navigation


Concur with above comments. My sister is going thru the same thing.

They were charging her $200 for a toothbrush. Of course they do not show you the entire breakdown of the bill when you sign for the service.. They also lied about taking certain kinds of insurance or Medicaid/Medicare.. Bottom line is they just want your $$ and will do anything to get it..

Watch out for these businesses that say they don't take insurance or only a partial insurance, they do that because they know they will get your $$ up front vs just a portion from the insurance after the care.. Be careful before signing anything with this company..


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