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Update by user Jan 20

The Eau Claire, WI Aspen Dental office did pay for my Daughter's unauthorized sealants. I paid for the rest of the bill.

Original review posted by user Dec 19, 2018

I have been dealing with the Eau Claire, WI Aspen Dental for over a year and a half now. My Daughter went in for a yearly cleaning and check.

I was in the waiting room. The Dentist went ahead without consulting Me and replaced all of her sealants. I ended up with a whooping bill of almost $1,000.00. I complained to the local office and the office manager said that I shouldn't have to pay for the sealants that were not authorized by Me.

We decided to have them pick up those charges and I would pay the rest of the bill. I have no dental insurance. The bill was to be mailed to New York; so I told them that I would mail the check as soon as I saw the credit from them on my account. I have been checking and calling.

No CREDIT from Aspen Dental on my account. The office manager is Eau Claire even told me not to mail the check until I saw the credit to my account. Today I looked still no credit to my account and now the bill has increased from $732.00 to now a balance due of $889.00. I am SO frustrated with this Company that I could scream!!

I have tried to be fair; but I don't trust this Company at all. I think that the next time I am in Eau Claire, I will pay what I was supposed to pay in person and they can give me a receipt that shows I paid MY PART IN FULL. If they go after Me for the rest, I will consult an attorney.

I hate this Company and will bad-mouth it to EVERYONE! Liars and scammers!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $584.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have learned my lesson. The Aspen Dental Office in Eau Claire, WI tried to work with Me.

I am not so angry with them as I am with the Company. Aspen Dental should be put out of business once and for all. They are NOT A REPUTABLE BUSINESS AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. I paid my bill in person today and said that I would not be back for any reason.

They left me hanging for over a year and a half before they even sent me another bill. I didn't know what was going on; even though I called often to check.

I have a new Dentist and am not wasting my money on Obama care Dental Insurance as they never pay anything anyway. Good Riddance Aspen Dental.


Why would you even BOTHER to go back to any A$pen location? After scamming you, you think should should give them ANY other chances!?!?

Good grief lady, there are good independent dentists everywhere including Wisconsin. Private dentists LOVE self-pay patients without insurance and do anything to keep them happy in their offices. Of all the places you could go, A$pen was the worst possible choice.

Now, prepare for a legal battle of around a year to get your rightful credit restored. By the way, I don't know anywhere that charges anywhere near $1000 for a child cleaning, recall exam, x-rays, and four sealants.

@Seasoned Dentist

Yes, I falsely believed that they would do right by Me. The Eau Claire Aspen Dental Clinic is not so much to blame as the ASPEN DENTAL COMPANY.

They lie and cheat and are NOT reputable. I paid my bill and learned my lesson. I went there originally because they were the only ones who would take my Dental Insurance. What a joke!

Obama-care dental insurance doesn't pay for anything anyway! What a farce. I now have found a different Dentist for my Daughter and Myself. I no longer am wasting my money on Dental Insurance either.

Just please as a Dentist tell your National Board to close down Aspen Dental permanently. Thanks, Barb


Barb, Because Aspen is operating illegally in most states anyway, no Board can do anything about it. The only people that could wipe out the Aspen menaces is the state legislator or state attorney general.

Write both of them and urge them to shut Aspen down. FOUR STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL HAVE SANCTIONED ASPEN ALREADY!


Thank you Ted for the information. I appreciate it.

I paid my bill today and the Eau Claire, WI Aspen Dental Office did pay for the sealants that were done without my authorization. I had dental insurance at the time of my visit; but the office said that the insurance did not pay 1 cent on my annual cleaning and check-up.

I just hope that this is the end of Aspen Dental for Me. I will contact my state attorney general; because I hate to see what they are doing to people and want them stopped!!!