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We took our 92 year old mother to Aspen Dental for a new set of dentures. Their advertisements state that dentures would be ready on the same day or within 72 hours.

This did not happen, we had to wait 3-week for a follow-up appointment and were told that she may need another appointment after that one. Additionally, she did not get the $475.00 priced dentures; her dentures were over $1,100.00. I have a difficult time recommending Aspen Dental to anyone, they must have hidden costs and they can't follow-through on the advertisements. My mother lives in a nursing home and we had to get special van to take her to Aspen Dental because she is does not walk and is always in a wheel chair.

The facility was not very accommodating to when-chair patients or patients over 90 years old.

I would like to have these concerns checked, especially their pricing. False advertising for prices and receiving the products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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OK, right off the bat, it is impossible to construct decent dentures in two visits within 24 hours, or even 72 hours. Good dentures take 5 to 6 visits to construct correctly, then 3 to 4 visits of adjustments afterwards.

Anything less than this involves compromises. By the time a patient is perfectly comfortable with their new dentures, I have usually spent over two months on the project.

If you think you can get a decent dentures for $1100, much less $475, you are living in Fantasyland.

Would you expect to get a prosthetic leg for $475?! No? A set of dentures is much more difficult to construct.

Look I know your beloved mother is 90 years old and you don't want to spend any money on dentures because you don't think she will be around much longer.

It is doubtless also very difficult to transport her to the dental office. A smarter move would have been just to reline the dentures she had. That is a lot easier and costs a lot less money.

I am not sure why you chose a corporate dental chain clinic owned by a leveraged buyout group for your precious mother's care. Why did you think they would have truthful advertising and competent care?

It is all about rushing the young, inexperienced dentists employed there to bill the maximum revenues possible.

There are plenty of honest and competent dentists in private practice that do dentures. Find one of those guys next time.


I hate the partials they made me! I Paid my money upfront for poor Quality 1,100 and the insurance paid the rest, I'm very pissed too, I'm still wearing my temporary untill I can get more, I will never pay upfront again, what a waste of money