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I had never had a root canal nor a cap put on until age 45. Which I was fairly proud of.

My wife thought that we would give Aspen a try, so we did. I went in they did an assessment of my teeth and told me that everything that had been done in my mouth needed to be redone. Wasn't really what I came in for but I took it in stride.They then proceeded to give me a price sheet that would have come to over 9000.00, yep that is correct no extra zero in there. I told them that I could not afford that and that we would have to just focus on the root canal and cap at this time.

They talked me into a periodontal treatment in addition to that as they informed me that it was bad and needed to be taken care of. The process of getting the root canal was long and very painful as expected. I shelled out around 1000.00 for the visit and was told that I would need to come back in three weeks to get the cap. I broke off the temp and came back two three days.

At which time I was informed that that the work done a few days later was not done right and they had to get in and drill again. Long and short of it they do not seem to know what they are doing. When I came back to get the cap they said well that will be about another 1000.00 which I was very puzzled about thinking that with my insurance i had already paid 2500.00 dollar for this and you want another grand to put a piece of tooth in my mouth. I went with it and got it done only to have a conversation with my neighbor a day or two later and find out that they paid less than me without insurance.

They also got a discount for not having insurance.

The difference in the cost for the same service at the same location was the 1500.00 that my insurance paid. So why have insurance I ask or is the real problem companies like this that feel that the insurance money is just free to take because we are foolish enough to think that we are doing the right thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Never got the same dentist, Price gouging.

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I forgot that I posted this review until the system sent me an email showing the additional comments. That being said I do have a followup on my experience.

Sometime in February I got a phone call from Aspen where they informed me that I overpaid my fees by around 1000.00. Surprise, surprise, this is what I told them when they asked me to pay the bill. They then asked when I would like to come in and use that money against additional work that they wanted to do on my teeth. I informed them that I had bought a new house over Christmas and had moved far enough away that it was not convenient for me to use them anymore.

They said they understood but that they were only able to refund me the money that came out of my actual checking account and not my Health funding account, both of which are my funds no matter how you look at it. Not to mention you have a grace period of 90 days on the Health spending account so they could have put the money back on the card but they didn't have the knowledge on how to do it.

Either way they held on to 1000.00 with a complaint in order until I no longer had the ability to use it and had to forfeit the funds to the HSA provider.While I awaited the money to funded back into my account they called again 5 days later and went through the exact conversation with me. I informed them that we already went through this and that they needed to refund the money and stop calling me.Long and short of it I did get 350.00 back, not sure if it is due to the review that I wrote that gave them the initiative to actually take a look at their books or not but still not a great experience.The BBB really needs to take a good hard look at their operations.


Seems like you have grounds for divorcing your wife, as her hare-brained idea of "giving A$pen a try," has resulted in so much harm for you.

Not much chance a young dental graduate can working at A$pen can do a good molar root canal. Even if they could do it correctly, they aren't booked enough time by their office managers.

You know these young dentists, a lot of them fresh out of school, are triple-booked with patients? On a good day I can do an easy molar root canal in an hour. They don't give A$pen dentists near this much uninterrupted time to do a root canal, and most need two hours.

You are aware each time a root canal is monkeyed with by a new person, the tooth is weakened? Better to do it once and do it right.

Otherwise, the chance of tooth fracture is increased.

What you want to bet so much of that other $9000 worth of treatment they wanted to foist on you wasn't necessary?

Really good dentists trained old school can put a large amalgam filling on that root canal tooth that will hold for several years until you're sure the A$pen root canal is successful.

Look for an older dentist that served in the US military.

It was a disaster of an idea to give A$pen a try. Better give a third world dentist a try than a sleazebag corporate A$pen a try here in the USA.

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