I recently visited the Aspen Dental In Bourbonnais IL. I waited in the waiting room for a very long period of time.

I was shocked at how there seemed to be very little work going on in the front portion of the office. The receptionist and some other office member were sitting around up front talking and painting their nails, I thought I was supposed to be In a dentist office not a nail salon! When I asked how much longer it would be till I would be seen for my appointment the receptionist could not give me a firm answer. Just said it should not be too much longer!

I was not happy with the office service at all but was happy with the work of the dental staff in back that was actually working on me. I probably wont be returning to Aspen Dental!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

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the front desk cannot give a firm answer on how long the wait time will be. if they tell them 10 minutes and it passes by, patients get aggravated and blame it on the front desk.

and the receptionist cannot interrupt the dentist during a procedure.

would u find it very professional if the dentist were to stop working on you to answer a dumb question like that? the dentist likes to give each patient the time he/she deserves


I had the same issue. E initial exam took three hours, 15 minutes for the actual exam and X-rays and the rest of the time waiting for the dentist or office manager. I cancelled everything the next day and saw a real dentist.

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