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My experience at Aspen Dental in Erie, PA has been mixed. The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

They always meet me with a smile and answer all my questions. They can usually get me an appointment quickly and one that fits inside my busy schedule.

The friendly staff cannot overcome the gross incompetence of the dental aspect of my experience. I recently chipped a front tooth and I’m currently in the process of getting this fixed with bridgework. This continues to be a frustrating, tearful, and unpleasant experience.

First, I was told that a surgical implant would be the appropriate treatment option, but later was told at follow up, which was with another dentist, that would be inappropriate treatment strategy. I was charged $800 dollars for the first appointment for poor information. Secondly, I have been into the office for the final bridgework twice. Yes you read correctly twice.

The first time the bridge was not made properly by the lab and therefore didn’t fit properly. The bridge was sent back in order to be remade. This is understandable every one makes mistakes. I went back a second time to get my bridgework performed.

This time the bridge was made even worse then the first time. The excuse from the dental office was either the lab isn’t making them correctly or the first dentist didn’t measure correctly. Their solution is to send the bridge to the same lab and re measure my mouth. Each time I get several numbing injections and endure drilling and shaving of my teeth to be told the bridge work doesn’t fit.

Not to mention that my temporary fillings have chipped in half once already and the dentist told me that I need to eat soft foods and if it breaks again tough. I’m eating mashed potatoes and gravy for the past 2 months because your dentist can’t figure out how to get my bridgework to fit correctly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Bridges.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Would love to know if it was really impractical to have done an implant. Almost always one can be done, the question is how much bone grafting would have been necessary.

These kind of procedures are way beyond the capability of the newbie dentists that typically work at A$pen. Bet these clowns didn't take the bridge impression in a custom-made tray, or have the lab technician come out in person to select the color shade. Not surprising, as it is a long way to travel from China where so much A$pen lab work is done. If you ever get your permanent bridge cemented, which is unlikely, your next surprise is that the roots will die and require root canals after all the grinding down on the teeth.

Then they will have to drill holes in the back of your new bridge to do root canals.

Better to pay a little more an go to a competent independent dentist who does the job right, rather than go to a corporate chop shop trying to save a dime or two, but employs young goofballs who mess up your teeth. But with all the hassle you have been through, at least you can console yourself with the fact that the staff was friendly.


I don't understand why your first appointment could be $800. For what?

Any dentist who tells or implies that you must eat only soft foods from now on is just trying to "fluff" you off without advising you on the best treatment plan. How about a crown of the teeth you are having problems with chipping away? Caps would protect the tooth from chipping away. As for the bridge work, it would appear you are dealing with inept/incompetent lab people but that is as expected as Aspen tries to maximize profit and thus sends the bridgework out to the cheapest lab they can find.

All in all, I would get an exam from a local dentist referred to you by friends, etc.

and see what you really need and what can be done. You will have wasted alot of money on Aspen, but if you value your teeth and ability to eat properly again, it would be money well-spent.

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