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Earlier in the month I had a dental cleaning and x-rays, that surprisingly went okay, very routine, just more expensive than expected. While I was there I prepaid for my young adult sons cleaning appointment scheduled in 2 weeks.

I verified that that was all he needed and that was the total cost, Yes that is it! So he went in for his appointment today at 1:45 PM. They said he needed x-rays as it had been a year. Now mind you I had already paid for what I thought to be his COMPLETE exam.

So okay he needs x-rays, he'll do it. So now all of a sudden they can't clean his teeth today because he needs x-rays, well that will be about 5 minutes, he'll do it! Nope cant clean his teeth today, will have to reschedule. They are booking into May 2018, but thought since it was their mistake could get him in before returning to college in January.

(Really?? because my husband had to cancel a routine cleaning -1 month in advance- and they couldn't get him in for 6 months, but because life happens and he canceled, its his fault and not theirs. Not to worry they said, he could be on a cancellation list because there are lots of cancellations, really?? been 2 months, no calls yet!) Back to my son.

I called the office to see what was going on, spoke to the office manager who is totally a loyal Aspen player. Seemed to have no understanding why it was not brought to my attention that my son needed x-rays when I was paying for his service a couple of weeks ago, after all it is in the computer. When I pointed out that it seemed like there were more and more issues with scheduling and services, she didn't know what to say. I took the opportunity to discuss my husbands situation again, being on the wait list and two months later he still had not gotten a call she explained that it was because his service was routine and not emergency.

Funny she did not mention that when we put him on the cancellation list. Had no idea where he was on the wait list and did not offer to check. Back to my son again, (sorry) they did the x-ray, put him in the hygienist chair, I guess the dentist needed to look at the x-ray, why now, he has to go back for his cleaning, 40 minutes later he is still in the chair. No real idea why and the hygienist is gone.

He's shy, he wants to leave, but doesn't dare. He has now missed a previously scheduled appointment and has no idea what is going on. Finally the dentist comes in, evidently, he might have to have his wisdom teeth out. So they did reschedule his cleaning, surprisingly next week 1/2/18.

My son got out of their office at 3:30, had his x-ray (maybe a 10 minute process), no cleaning, has to go back and wait all over again and now needs to have his wisdom teeth out at an estimated cost of $2,000. So I guess the bottom line is, they are VERY short staffed, but yet they keep taking new clients.

Maybe they should serve their established clients and when they can hire help, they can take on new people. Just a reasonable thought.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $213.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Overcharged.

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The following facts help explain what you are dealing with.

A$pens SSS (Smart Scheduling System) ranks procedures according to profitability to the corporation. Low-profit procedures (routine cleanings, for example) are near the bottom, so they get bumped when more profitable suckers call on the phone.

Young A$pen dentists are typically booked THREE chairs simultaneously.

For instance, a recent graduate might be booked to do a root canal for one patient and a crown seat for another and a denture adjustment on another patient in the same time slot. Which is impossible for me to do, much less a dentist right out of school.

So the A$pen dentists-serfs are always running around like chickens with their heads chopped off.

DON'T DARE LET THEM TOUCH YOU SON'S WISDOM TEETH if you value your son's life. Get him our of that chop shop into the hands of an experienced independent dentist.

Being as you noted that you found A$pen was more expensive than other places, WHY IN THE HECK WOULD YOU TAKE YOUR FAMILY THERE TO BEGIN WITH?


RUN and do not look back!

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