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This place is a joke. I’ve had to come back to this place over 10 times because they do such low quality work that it will not hold up or make things worse.

The only reason I keep coming back is because they offer to fix it for free but I’m seriously about to take the loss and go to a real dentist to get it right the first time. No one knows what they are doing from the front desk all the way up to the actual dentist. Front desk can’t keep up with getting schedules right, I’m on hold at least 10 min every time I call, the dental techs don’t use gloves when handling instruments and they mess up on dental work which will most likely have you coming back to get it fixed. One of the main dentist (the women dentist) screwed up a simple filling causing me to need a root canal.

Seriously! Now you have to take out my tooth because you did such a horrible job???!! They at least paid for it but after it was done they did such a horrible job that I had to come back multiple times to get it fixed. I seriously think no one is certified to work on teeth in this place.

Either that or they don’t care about quality work and just want to get you in and out. If you want to keep your teeth and avoid multiple trips getting them to try to fix their poor work then I strongly advise you do not go here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You wonder why the quality of treatment is so low. Here is why.1.

A$pen has the lowest pay in the profession. Therefore this chain is the distant last choice of places to work for trained personnel.2. Only the most inexperienced dentists, ones who simply want any job available, are willing to work for this sleazy operation.3. There aren't the range of instruments and supplies to do a good job even if the employees cared.4.

The cheap labs Aspen dentists are forced to use are abysmal.5.

Dentists are way overbooked with patients, many times booked 3 patients simultaneously. They rush trying to keep up and cannot do a good job.When Wall Street private equity investors own dental clinics instead of licensed dentists, the emphasis will always be on money-grubbing, and never quality of care.

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