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I have given great reviews for some of the Aspen Dentals I have been to. Aspen Dental in Vaisaila, California was amazing.

The doctor was caring and wanted to help me. But I went to the Evansville, IN office and was treated unprofessionally. The owner states he is the owner of 7 Aspen offices in Sothern Indiana and told me none of his offices could fix my dentures. Which were made by Aspen Dental.

This was after he realized he was gonna have to remake them. I spent alot of money on getting my dentures done through Aspen. I did it because I am a travel nurse and I would be able to go to any Aspen and get them fixed. (that is what I was told) and what is written in my contract.

I have a 7 year contract/policy on my dentures that are only a year old. And he tells me he cant fix my dentures nor can anyone in his other 7 stores that he owns. He told me I would have to go to a private doctor/dentist to have them fixed. ASPEN made my dentures???

He states he didn't make these dentures, and he didn't earn a dime off of the dentures so he has the right to refuse treatment to me. OMG. So I spent over four thousand dollars on dentures through Aspen Dental but no offices in Southern Indiana will fix the damage to my bottom dentures because the owner of these 7 Aspen stores in Indiana did not "earn a dime off of making my dentures'. Then they send me a letter stating I am not aloud to use any Aspen Dental again ever because I got upset in the office and told him what I thought.

I did not scream or curse just told him this was ridiculous and unfair and they should stand by what they say. Its really upsetting. So my uncle owns a big coal company with a lot of big lawyers and he told me we will take them on.

So here we go. Wish me luck.


User's recommendation: Do not go to any of the Southern Indiana Aspen Dentals. They do not stand by their word or promises.

Location: Ashburn, Virginia

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If your went to a good dentist who indeed worked for Aspen, rest assured he or she will be gone in 6 months or less. Aspen has the lowest pay and worst working conditions in the profession, and nobody decent works there for long. Same is true for dental hygienists.

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