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I am giving Aspen Dental North Port Florida a 1 Star rating only because there is not an option for 0. All Aspen Dental cares about is the $$$.

Aspen Dental North Port FL put a crown on my FRONT TOOTH a year and a few months ago. It fell off.

I was in their office first thing in the morning and was informed that they could not take me in as an emergency walk-in because they were too busy (Although it is clearly posted on the front of their building; emergency and walk-ins accepted). It was an emergency walk-in to the same clinic that provided and put on the crown in the first place. I was informed that I would have to come back and pay MORE MONEY for a teeth cleaning (because I hadn’t had one at their facility in the last year and that was their rule).

And that I would also need to pay for an x-ray and an exam. A teeth cleaning has nothing to do with the crown that they put on and subsequently fell off. They do not warranty any of their work!! I asked the receptionist for her name at which she replied she was not going to give me her name.

I requested to speak to someone at a higher level or their Corporate Office and was told there was no one else that I could speak to. Then about that time another person came up to me and said she was the manager, Victoria. Who also told me there is no one else that I could speak to. I questioned her as to why I would have to pay for a cleaning and anything else that was not needed at that time.

At NO TIME did I say I was unwilling to pay. Without a resolution, I left Aspen Dental with the intent of finding someone at their Corporate office that I could speak to. I googled and through several phone calls found a number for their regional manager, Kristen. I left a message for her to call me back regarding this issue.

Kristen never called me back. Instead Victoria, the same person I spoke with before at the center, called me back. She said she was returning the call for Kristen and that nothing had changed but that they could get me in for $129.00 at 2:00pm or at 8:00am the following day.

I returned at 2:00pm that day to pay $129.00 to have them look at the tooth. I took a seat and waited my turn behind 2 people that had come in after me.

I was then called up to the front desk because they wanted me to pay in advance of the service because as Victoria informed me, “We can’t have you leave and not pay for the service.” I asked her why they were discriminating against me as I knew it was their practice to pay after services were completed. And I had NEVER said I wasn’t going to pay earlier that day during my first visit or at present. While I was questioning her as to why I had to pay first before services, she accused me of tape recording her with no knowledge or information of the such as she proceeded to call police. I asked if I could speak to the dentist to resolve this issue and she said no and that they were refusing treatment and dismissing me as a patient.

I was ultimately discriminated against. Victoria calling the police was just their way of justifying their actions. The police officers that I spoke with were very kind and understanding.

After explaining to them what happened and showing them my tooth. One of them expressed their own concerns about patronizing a place that treated their paying clients this way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1290.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Cons: Quality of workmanship, Staff, Lack of concern for patients welfare, Misleading, Office mgr & frt office staff need customer service training.

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If you had gotten arrested, the ironic thing is that prisons have dentist! The dentist you see there are more compassionate , honest and caring than the malicious scammers at aspen dental. Funny how prisoners trust their dentist more than at aspen dental!


I agree with you 100 percent, i was banned for life at all Aspen Dental locations across the whole U.S. because i disagreed with a young dentist about the amount of dental work he wanted to perform after a routine cleaning and checkup.

I had no cavities and no problems with any of my teeth prior to the cleaning or after the cleaning.

Aspen Dental is huge ripoff , it's funny they can find problems that other dentist offices don't. If you are smart do not go to any Aspen Dental office for anything.


The cheapest type of crown that swindlers can fabricate is a milled zirconia crown from China. These are very strong, but hard to bond to without a special primer.

Even then they can fall off if the tooth preparation is not perfect. I guarantee you that your local Aspen chop shop did not have that expensive zirconia primer, and cemented the crown without it. So it came off. Of course they will not cement it for free.

You are dealing not with an honest swindler, but a Wall Street organized crime syndicate that owns the chain. It will be easier to pay an honest dentist to do a lithium disilicate crown, which are more esthetic and easier to bond. Pretty much Aspen calls police on dissatisfied customers. This scares them and makes most give up getting satisfaction at Aspen.

They got plenty of new suckers coming in the front door thanks to their lying TV ads. They really don't care about keeping you if it means doing something over again for free, or refunding money.


Aspen makes alot of money from teeth cleaning, and even more when they tell the patient he needs a "deep cleaning." Since this "deep cleaning" is usually recommended for those with gum or periodontal disease it is not a common procedure. As to your complaint: find a local dentist and pay him for an exam and have him take a good look at the loose crown and re-glue it if all looks ok.

Given that Aspen made the crown, I would want to make sure it is of good quality and in good condition. Then, become a patient of the local doctor instead of going to a place like Aspen.


Thank you for your concern. Yes as stated Aspen Dental only cares about how much money they can make per person.

I have since found a good dentist in private practice. I have received much encouragement from my friends, family and even people in the dental industry to post my review Evan at the embarrassment of the picture of my tooth. I’m just getting started. I will be posting this review through Yelp and google as well.

Unsuspecting people should know the truth about Aspen Dental practice as well as their customer service.

One of the police officers called, had even made the suggestion to me to go to civil court and file for damages. I believe they were as appalled as I was.